Free Video Reveals List of 66 Most Profitable 'Real Asset' Stocks and ETFs to Trade

Wells, Somerset -- (SBWire) -- 06/08/2012 --It is not easy to trade the stock markets at the moment because no-one really knows where the markets are headed with so much uncertainty hanging over Europe right now. Forex trading isn't any easier either because even world experts do not know what the future holds for the Euro, and whether this currency even has any kind of future.

This is one of the reasons why Bill Poulos has decided to produce a trading course that is focused on trading exchange traded funds and stocks that are based on real assets.

The course is called Real Wealth Income Generator, and in the build up to this product launch Bill is producing a series of videos that show people how he generates profits using the three strategies included in the course, and the complimentary trade alert software. have been reporting on the content of the second of the free videos in this series, and apparently this latest free video includes a list of the 66 best stocks and ETFs to trade using these strategies. These are all based on real assets and they have been found to be the safest and most profitable.

In addition it also demonstrates a risk management strategy that is employed by each of the strategies in this new course to reduce risk and maximise profits.

It also reveals how you can determine the 5 day trend for each of the 66 stocks and ETFs that can be traded using the Real Wealth Income Generator trading strategies and software.

If you would like to watch this latest video (and the previous video), you can do so by visiting:

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