SEO Software Tool URL Gel Taking the SEO World by Storm

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 06/15/2012 --Demand continues to grow for the revolutionary new SEO software product known as URL Gel from the Mysterious Marketer consultants. As the nearly ultimate URL resonator, the software helps users easily manage, save, spin, and randomize the URLs and backlinks they use on a daily basis.

While most people are aware that Google now penalizes sites that over-optimize through repeated use of the same anchor text, many people are still struggling to find a simple and effective way to randomize their anchor text through spinning. Now, the new SEO software tool from the Mysterious Marketer consultancy known as URL Gel provides built-in URL spinning functionality that helps users to save time when creating spun links for submitting to backlinking networks and tools. “URL Gel is a simple but powerful software tool that helps users easily manage, save, spin, and randomize the URLs and backlinks they use on a daily basis,” said the Mysterious Marketer specialist.

The software’s anchor text tool enables quick and simple URL spinning that appeals to the new Google Penguin updates, thereby producing better search engine rankings. The group spinning functionality of URL Gel allows users to quickly and easily spin various URLs together in order to submit the group to backlink networks or use them in backlinking tools. Users can even repeat the process over and over again to create 2nd tier, 3rd tier, and even 4th tier backlinks to improve overall backlink quality, which assists in higher search engine rankings.

Software users can save all of their backlinks and URLs into one central control panel by category as well as generate hyperlinks and save them for later retrieval. The easy URL Randomization feature provides a built-in spinning function that allows users to spin saved URLs, and generate the randomized output as a ready-to-use URL that can be directly inserted into articles or pages. The software’s templating capabilities allow users to leverage existing content and use it to rank for multiple terms, eliminating the need to create content for each term.

URL Gel provides BB Code and Wiki Code Support benefits that allow users to expand their backlinking opportunities to include forum and wiki marketing. Right now, URL Gel is available for just $39.97. In addition to learning about the powerful new SEO software’s functionality and purchasing, users can tap into the website’s SEO blog for tips on how to maximize online presence via highly valuable internet marketing tips and tools. For more information, please visit

About the Mysterious Marketer and URL Gel
The Mysterious Marketer is one of the top elite marketing consultancies on the web. They specialize in a variety of traffic generation strategies that have brought about unbelievable results for entrepreneurs and online businesses. Their most recent project, URL Gel, is currently taking the SEO world by storm.

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