Water Leak Detection Is Performed Through Non-Invasive Methods at ADI Leak Detection

Buckinghamshire, UK -- (SBWire) -- 06/20/2012 --As a home or business owner, there is nothing quite as concerning as the realisation that the property has a water or gas leak.

In some cases, the leak is evident—either by visible water pooling throughout the area, pressure dropping in your central heating system boiler or by the distinctive sulfuric smell of natural gas. In other instances, an exceptionally high water or gas bill will alert people that something is amiss.

In either situation, water or gas leaks must be dealt with right away. Water leaks can cause damage to property and may lead to mold growth, and a leaky gas line may cause a lethal explosion.

The staff at ADI Leak Detection understands how serious water and gas leaks can be. That is why they strive to offer their customers throughout the UK the best and most convenient water leak detection and gas leak detection services available.

As a bonus, the friendly and knowledgeable employees at ADI Leak Detection use non-invasive methods while conducting a leak detection.

“We don’t need to dig up your flooring or garden in order to locate your leak, our leak detection specialists use the most accurate leak detection technology to pinpoint the source of your leak to within 50Mm of the leak location,” an article on the company’s website noted, adding that because hours of labour are saved in the non-invasive leak detection process, its services work out to be extremely cost effective. In addition, the leak repair is included in the price.

“As we precisely locate and repair your leak in one visit, this causes less disruption to your daily life. No more waiting for the leak detection company and then waiting for the plumber! We do it all!”

The ADI engineers use a variety of high-tech tools in order to perform their leak detection services. These include thermal imaging camera, acoustic leak detectors, snake cameras, moisture detectors and nitrogen hydrogen leak tracing gases.

The ADI Leak Detection website is extremely user-friendly and helps to answer many of the questions and concerns that home and business owners often have regarding water and gas leaks.

Customers are welcome to visit the website at any time and browse through the helpful information about the company’s services and guarantees. Anyone with additional questions may call ADI Leak Detection directly to speak with one of the company’s professional engineers.

About ADI Leak Detection
ADI Leak Detection are based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and provide advanced gas and water leak detection services to residential and commercial customers throughout the UK. ADI is one of the only leak detection companies in the UK who offer to repair the leak in the price as well as locate it. This service is called trace, access and repair. All of ADI's engineers are fully qualified, trained and insured plumbing engineers. For more information, please visit http://www.adileakdetection.co.uk

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