New Book by Joann Harris Thrusts Readers Into Terrifying World of 'The Ripper'.

The acclaimed Baltimore author shows the many spine-chilling and gut-wrenching faces of fiction’s most chilling character. Introducing, ‘The Face of the Ripper’.

Baltimore, MD -- (SBWire) -- 06/20/2012 --If readers are expecting a sound night’s sleep after reading The Face of the Ripper, they can think again. For the first time in literary history author Joann Harris presents the masked killer in what could possibly be his most terrifying light yet.

The tale of the madman takes place in La Barca, as KSN radio plays music to make love to. Or, as it would appear in the book’s case – to die by.

As the sounds pipe into the California night, subliminal messages seek to lure young women to meet their maker in some of the most disgusting deaths local Police have ever seen.

However, the scene inside the ‘basement’ attempts to tell a different story. While the victims may be smiling, their savage deaths shock the nation and silence the minds of millions. With all that has happened one thing is for sure; it isn’t over yet.

As the wits and patience of Police begin to tire, they can only hope that their investigation will soon draw to a close. Homicide detectives Leo Franks and Lani Peters are bearing the brunt of the tiresome manhunt.

While burned out and flagging, they both come to the very chilling realization that the ‘Ripper’ – the madman who flays his victims alive – may be more than one person.

To find out what happens next, people will need to read the book. However, Harris promises an exciting adventure that’s fraught with unexpected twists, turns and the odd bloody corpse.

“I have always wanted to do a story on the Ripper, but with this story I wanted to take the ripper into a different dimension. He isn’t just killing ladies of the night – but a completely different set of victims that are sure to shock even the most seasoned of horror readers” says Harris, who has written over half a dozen successful horror titles.

She continues, “It is a fresh new twist on an already-gruesome concept. Just don’t expect to read it with the lights off!”

The Face of the Ripper is available now through Amazon, along with previous works by Joann Harris.

About the Author: Joann Harris
Joann Harris has always wanted to write horror.

Even at the age of nine, she would write stories to scare all of her friends and relatives. After college, she didn’t want to go into business. Instead, she took a five year creative writing course.

“I think that’s when I really fell in love with writing horror. I have tried writing other genes, but I couldn’t get it going. That is when I started writing horrors. I have written seven novels, and in the process of finishing up my next book titled THE DEVIL’S CAT.”

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