DUILawyersFtLauderdale.com Offers Counselling to Fort Lauderdale Residents Charged With DUI

San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 06/22/2012 --Every year, thousands of Americans are caught driving under the influence. Regardless of the state of residency, DUI charges are extremely severe. In Florida, for example, drivers can have their vehicles impounded and pay up to $1000 in fines – even if they have no previous convictions.

One Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyer wants to help those who have been caught driving under the influence. DUILawyersFtLauderdale.com and its team of attorneys are helping Floridians understand their rights before, during, and after a DUI arrest.

The attorneys at DUILawyersFtLauderdale.com bring over 100 years of experience to the table. Along with providing legal counselling to those who have already been charged with a DUI, the DUILawyersFtLauderdale.com website is an educational resource that provides an in-depth overview of a number of different DUI charges.

Fort Lauderdale residents who are interested in learning more about refusing a breathalyzer test, for example, will find a special section DUILawyersFtLauderdale.com devoted to the legalities of that action. There is also a comprehensive breakdown of DUI penalties in Florida.

The equipment used at police check stops can be unreliable. To win a DUI case, the attorneys at DUILawyersFtLauderdale.com can hire an expert witness that will testify against the results of the roadside breathalyzer test. By identifying minute problems with the testing equipment, criminal charges may be weakened or even dropped.

DUILawyersFtLauderdale.com even provides special DUI defense for women in the Fort Lauderdale area. Statistics have shown that more women than men are being arrested for driving under the influence every year, and the attorneys at Musca Law wish to address this discrepancy.

Driving under the influence involves more than just motor vehicles. DUILawyersFtLauderdale.com also offers DUI counselling to those who have been caught boating under the influence, for example. It even provides assistance to Fort Lauderdale residents who have been caught operating a commercial vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

One of the most interesting features on DUILawyersFtLauderdale.com is the scrolling case-by-case results window. It provides evidence of the Musca Law’s history of success. One case, for example, involved a Fort Lauderdale caretaker who recently blew a .384 on a breathalyzer test, only to have his license reinstated a short period of time later.

DUI charges are extremely serious. Having a DUI conviction on a driving record can cause insurance rates to skyrocket, and those who are on their 2nd or 3rd convictions may even face jail time. Hiring a Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney helps Floridians avoid the most serious consequences of their DUI charges.

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Musca Law is helping residents of Fort Lauderdale understand their rights after being charged with a DUI. They provide counselling for all types of DUI cases – from boating under the influence to DUI manslaughter. For more information, visit: http://www.duilawyersftlauderdale.com/

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