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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 06/25/2012 --Difficult economic times have left homeowners and new home buyers seeking creative ways to obtain mortgages or refinance upside down mortgages. Figuring out how to afford mortgages can be one of the greatest stresses in a family’s life, but it helps alleviate some of the stress to have access to reliable information and variety of mortgage options.

One website that has emerged to provide much-needed support and assistance to homeowners and buyers is As a leading online loan and personal finance resource, the site helps consumers control their financial decisions from personal savings to credit scores to mortgage loans. specializes in providing niche loans like the Stated Income Loan along with much needed options to refinance upside down mortgage for homeowners who need breathing room in their budgets. The site reports that more lenders are starting to once again offer stated income loans and other new loan options for home buyers.

From the homepage, site visitors can find information about the Stated Income Loan under the Special Loans category. There, customers can learn about this loan, also known as a No Income Verification Loan (NIV), which does not require borrowers to provide W2s, pay stubs or 1040 personal tax returns to the lender.

The editorial content on the page discusses the three types of Stated Income Loans available from niche lenders, including Stated Income Verified Assets Loan, Stated Income Stated Assets Loan and No Ratio Loans. The customer can also access Program Details to learn more about the loan options available in their state.

For consumers seeking to learn more about lenders participating in the Home Affordable Refinance Program for borrowers to refinance an upside down mortgage, they can access this information by looking under the Home Loans category on the landing page for HARP 2 Refinance.

This page features a frequently asked questions section to guide homeowners in finding out if they qualify for HARP and how they can apply. Consumers can also choose to obtain a refinance quote from HARP. offers a plethora of useful tools including eleven different calculators that enable consumers to work out among other things, mortgage payments, home affordability and savings calculators. These free tools and the mortgage rates by State section allow consumers to make informed decisions. serves as a support system for consumers who are want reliable information and recommendations to assist them with their financial situation, “We put consumers in touch with niche lenders, along with an assortment of online financial tools to make educated financial decisions for everything from traditional home loans to a stated income loan to programs to refinance upside down mortgages,” said a spokesperson.

“Borrowers can communicate with licensed lenders offering mortgages and refinance loans through the website.” is not a wholesale lender or a bank, but instead is a website designed to facilitate consumer education and assistance for making the best financial decisions when it comes to mortgage loans, monthly payments, credit reports and more.

A leading online loan and personal finance resource, provides information on various niche mortgage loans nationwide. In-depth editorial content, mortgage and finance calculators and a user-friendly navigation make the site the preferred source for information about all mortgage programs from the Stated Income Loan to options to refinance upside down mortgages. Learn more at

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