Great Time Saver for Those Who Need Immediate Computer Repairs

Tucson, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 06/26/2012 --A local Tucson computer repair company, Geeks 2 You, provides virus removal, software installations, hardware replacement and other computer repair on site. Consumers can save time and the aggravation of leaving a computer at a repair shop, where it may stay for several days.

Whether the computer is a PC or Mac, a desktop or a laptop, the technicians at Geeks 2 You are able to bring computer repair and maintenance to a home or business, which reduces down time. Many people use their computer for business and personal reasons, and deadlines could be trashed if the machine is in the shop for several days.

Geeks 2 You, computer repair Tucson business, comes to a home or business and provides same-day service in the Tucson and southern Arizona area. Its technicians are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. If an individual or company, whether that company is a small business or a Fortune 500 company needs immediate attention on a single computer or an entire network, Geeks 2 You has the manpower to get everything back up and running in short order.

Virus Removal: Even though a computer or network has virus eradication software, it doesn’t always catch the newest virus. Geeks 2 You has the most successful virus removal process. The company also guarantees that the virus is removed from the computer or network, or its visit is free. Thus far, the company has not failed in removing a virus.

Security Camera Installation: If a business or individual needs security cameras installed, the Geeks 2 You technicians are experienced with many camera systems, including digital video recording systems and PoE cameras. Security cameras could be set up so that the user has access from a cell phone or any computer. Consumers can stay secure in knowing that should something happen at home or a business, the homeowner or business owner has video of the incident.

Computer Repair: No matter how large or small the issue, Geeks 2 You has technicians who can fix the problem. Geeks 2 You’s technicians also install and repair hardware and software. If an individual has a problem with a wired or wireless network, Geeks 2 You’s technicians will track down the problem and repair it, something that would be difficult, if not impossible to do at a repair shop.

Data Recovery: Sometimes data gets corrupted or just disappears. If a company’s backups are not working properly, this could be a problem. Geeks 2 You can repair the problem that caused the data to disappear, then recover the data. Whether someone deleted the data, the hard drive crashed or someone dropped the computer, our technicians can recover the data.

About Geeks 2 You
Geeks 2 You is a mobile computer repair company that repairs computers, completes installations, clears viruses and will give tutorials in an individual’s or business’s location. Geeks 2 You only employs experienced computer technicians so that computers and data are safe. Since the technicians come to the person’s or business’s home, there is no need to worry about stolen computers or data. For more information visit

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