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With the new game about to launch, announces that it will be stocking this year's hottest new release.

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 06/27/2012 --The next expansion to World of Warcraft is on the way, though no one knows for sure when it will be released. It is widely believed that Mists of Pandaria will be released later this year; there is no solid pattern in the way Blizzard releases each expansion to know for sure but expected to be before September 2012. The expansion entered a close beta test on the 21 March 2012. Whenever it comes, it is surely going to get to Veooo, a renowned platform for the trading of gaming goods. Help will surely be needed in this new expansion because it is new; players are presented with many different things.

The one new thing people can be sure to see in this expansion is new storylines. Every expansion writes a new story along the way as it is played, rewriting some of the history and creating shapes of the various races and the locations where players will go to and from. New continents were revealed in some of the previous expansions which offered a number of new locations for the players to play on. In this expansion also a new land is introduced. It is the Pandaria; the expansion is named after this. Along with this new land, a new race is introduced that is native to Pandaria. It is the Pandaren and it is special in one way: it is a playable species.

It is plain that importance is given by the game developers to this species Pandaren. Many die hard fans of wow disapprove of this race because of their cuddly and harmless appearance; one can imagine how it will be for them to see this Pandaren in the game covers of this expansion. Anyway, this is a playable species and players can get to know about the Pandaren more if they play this race and may even get to like them. For players playing this race, they start on the Wandering Isles. This is a giant free roaming turtle. In fact, it was on another turtle that a group of Pandaren left Pandaria and was seen by others living in the rest of Azeroth.

Veooo assures that it will offer all types of help to players once they start on this new expansion of wow. These include wow gold, power leveling, items and even guides that serve as a walkthrough of the game. Listing of offers there by sellers is in a brief and detailed manner, making it easier for the user to browse through offers. The offer detail shows the offer, the price, the type of good, the name of seller, etc. If users are eager for more information about an offer they can click on the offer to get what they want. In there they will get a page full of description about the offer.

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