1100AD Free Massive Multiplayer Online Medieval Strategy Game Launches Open Beta Server Koryo

Riga, Latvia -- (SBWire) -- 07/01/2012 --AmberGames, the makers of the free browser-based MMO game 1100AD are pleased to announce the launch of the open beta of the new server Koryo. 1100AD is a free massive multiplayer online medieval strategy game where players control land, build cities, conquer others and defend their subjects with full tactical control over troops using real-time strategy in combat. The Koryo purely Asian server is a PvE server with many PvP elements that are very different from its predecessors. Some of the unique features include a political map with regions, strongholds and the historical cities, a reputation system and much more.

The events taking place at the new server for 1100AD are set in 1231, which was the time when the Great Khan Ugedey of the Mongols invaded the Korean state of Koryo. The players are offered the choice of the five superpowers of that epoch and region. There are 112 historical cities on the server and each of them is associated with one of the five nations. Players can build the “national” barracks in each of them in order to train the unique combat units. “Although the new server is still in beta mode, it already brings a wealth of exciting new features for players,” said an AmberGames spokesperson.

On the new Koryo beta server, states are in the same diplomatic relations as they were in reality during the year 1231. The geographic map of the Koryo is divided into numerous regions that connect to show the factual political map representing the influence of each side. While orders and individual players can still wage wars under the flag of individual states, the states now have personified rulers that can interact with their subjects. The choice of any one of the five nations predetermines the player’s ethnic association and the territory in which he/she will appear.

The political map changes will occur only by the means of the regions. Each region is controlled by the Fortress, which is a new topographic object introduced on the Koryo server. Being a special type of a town, the Fortress has a limited list of permitted buildings and a unique set of properties and opportunities that it grants. “The Fortress gives its owner a hefty selection of very substantial and absolutely new options,” said the spokesperson. “We feel confident that players will love the new and expanded world and options.” For more information, please visit http://1100ad.com/

About 1100 AD
1100AD is a free massive multiplayer online medieval strategy game. The game brings to life the beautiful and mysterious world of the Middle Ages where players take on the role of governor and engage in business, politics, diplomacy, defense and conquest. The tactical component involves fierce battles in the urban landscape with the player having full control over their troops. Players merely register online. 1100AD is developed by AmberGames.

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