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Bucharest, Romania -- (SBWire) -- 07/24/2012 --The economy across Europe has been in turmoil for the past few years, as a consequence of the larger global economic crisis. Catastrophic economic problems, appearing first in Greece and spreading to Spain, have caused the Euro to fall significantly against the dollar. Shrewd foreign exchange speculators are profiting considerably from the ongoing movement between the two currencies.

One tool that is proving invaluable to these wise investors is, a new online currency conversion calculation website. This site lets users instantly convert currency values at the touch of a button. allows users to convert a huge range of currencies. It covers not only major world currencies like the Euro, the US dollar, the British Pound and the Japanese Yen, it also works with more obscure local currencies such as the Tanzanian Shilling and the Yemeni Rial.

The site is tailor made for currency speculators, with many charts and tables available for users to look through in order to analyze the markets and plan their next currency deal.

However, the site is also clean and simplistic enough for anyone to use. Even a very casual user who is just looking to see how far vacation money will go in another country will find the site useful and easy to navigate.

Users who do currency calculations on a regular basis can download 4Currency, the site’s Google Chrome extension. This is a browser plug in that lets users perform currency conversions within their web browser, without necessarily needing to visit the site.

The site also has a plethora of useful and informative editorial content. Well-written and detailed articles comprehensively discuss exchange rates and issues surrounding currency conversions. This information is useful for both currency speculators and people who are simply interested in the currency market.

A spokesperson for the site said “We wanted to create an online currency converter that is both easy to use and fast. Speed isn’t just important to the busy forex traders that use our website, but also consumers who wish to do casual currency conversions before they travel. We based our website on lightning fast AJAX technology to give that speed, and we carefully designed the user interface to make it easy for anyone to use. We’ve also packed out the site with extra information like charts, articles and tables for currency speculators to examine.”

About is an online currency conversion service that lets users instantly convert currencies easily.

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