inSRT Offers Breakthrough Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain therapy using stem cells from inSRT.


Orange, CA -- (SBWire) -- 07/25/2012 --The Brain and Spine Institute of California is steadily breaking ground and gaining new understanding in the area of stem cell knowledge. This understanding has led to new techniques in the fields of pain management. Back pain sufferers have benefited significantly with these advances, particularly when used as a lower back pain treatment.

The inSRT treatment is an easy injection of stem cells to the affected area. It has shown to be an extremely effective lower back pain treatment. A two day treatment, the inSRT process is a non-invasive alternative to extensive and expensive surgery. The process is simple, effective and groundbreaking. It is also guilt free, as all cells are harvested from consenting adult umbilical and afterbirth materials.

Over two days a patient will have an in office consult with a physician, an internal medicine physician and a brief meeting with an inSRT psychologist. The second day the patient can check in, receive the inSRT injection and check out for outpatient recovery the same day. The injection typically relieves pain for 12 to 16 weeks but some clinical data has shown it lasting as long two years. Typically clients need one to two days rest after the treatment before they are at full physical capacity.

The inSRT lower back pain treatment offers best results for patients suffering chronic lower back pain, and who previous spinal treatments may not have worked as effectively as desired. It also helps patients suffering weakness from spinal cord compression. In all cases, inSRT is glad to consult with the pain sufferer to determine if this revolutionary therapy is the best court.

“Our lower back pain sufferers are among the most responsive to the inSRT treatment. I would recommend anyone suffering from chronic lower back pain to investigate our unique noninvasive procedure as soon as possible. “-Steve Anderson

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