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Washington, DC -- (SBWire) -- 07/25/2012 --While the Internet offers enormous opportunity for effective business marketing and social networking. Unfortunately the internet is largely unregulated and it allows anonymous individuals to besmirch the reputations of businesses or even individuals. This can take the form of untruthful reviews and go as far as libelous comments. These anonymous comments can cost corporations thousands of customers and for an individual they halt career progression. Most corporations and individuals lack the knowledge to tackle these type of reputation issues which has led to the expansion of the reputation management sector. is gaining attention as the leading online reputation management (ORM) company based in the United States. With clients ranging from fortune 500 executives and Hollywood celebrities to local business owners, the business has quickly lived up to its moniker - online reputation management wizards. specializes in suppressing false or unwanted rumors, gossip or reviews.

Mentioned on major news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Fox News and CNN, the site features the latest Profile Defenders news, reputation management techniques, extensive editorial content and services to ensure individuals and businesses have the ability to repair and maintain their online reputation.

With years of experience removing negative listings and reviews, claim they understand how to negotiate with webmasters and major websites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor to successfully remove damaging listings.

A Profile Defenders spokesperson explained the importance of reputation management:

“Online, reputation is everything, which is why a negative review or website about a business or person can destroy the trust individuals or corporations have spent years building. This can drive away thousands of potential customers, or costing individuals a future job.”

“We cannot stop anyone from Googling your name, but we can control the results they see through our tried and trusted techniques that has helped thousands of businesses clear-up their reputations online.”

Recently voted the top online reputation management firm by its clientele, takes a number of steps to repair the online reputation of clients. A spokesperson for Profile Defenders explains:

“Our first priority is to remove any negative reviews or comments, we have years of experience doing this. However it’s not always possible to remove all the offending material so our second line of attack is to ensure nobody sees the negative reviews. We do this by ensuring positive truthful reviews out number any damaging comments. The final step is to ensure that the positive material is prominent in all search results. This effectively buries any damaging material so individuals can breathe easily and corporations can market their goods without being concerned over damaging claims hurting their sales. Finally we monitor the customers’ online reputation so any future threats can be nullified quickly.”

The site highlights a range of techniques and tools to keep reputations fair and accurate while keeping up to date on relevant Google changes that impact online listings. serves clients worldwide with satellite offices located in New York City, Washington D.C. and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

About is the leading online reputation management company in the United States. The site has successfully repaired and improved online profiles for thousands of clients. Extensive editorial content, the latest Profile Defenders news, and three specialized service packages make the premier source for achieving a positive online reputation. For more information visit

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