HCGDietPlus.ca Promises Dieters Significant Weight Loss Results in 23 Days

San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 07/26/2012 --Buzz about the HCG diet continues to monopolize weight loss media coverage with impressive results causing more and more consumers to consider the diet plan for themselves. While there are many success stories, people who do not have high quality HCG diet drops and the proper support struggle to achieve the weight loss and maintenance other’s experience.

HCGDietPlus.ca has emerged as a reliable source for not only effective HCG diet drops but also for free unlimited support before, during and after customers go through the HCG diet. The site offers a 100% natural, perfectly safe HCG hormone product called HCG Excite, enabling consumers to experience all the benefits of the HCG protocol without having to go to the doctor for prescribed injections.

Extensive editorial content on HCGDietPlus.ca highlights step-by-step how to use the HCG Excite homeopathic drops and explains the process of how they work in the body to help customers shed excess weight fast—as many as 30 pounds in 23 days. The diet plan works with the 500, 800 or 1200 calorie protocol and comes in several different packages with 23-day to 43-day supplies of HCG Excite.

Each HCG diet kit includes the homeopathic HCG drops or pellets, vitamin B-12 complex, unlimited free phone and e-mail support, a gourmet HCG recipe book, meal planner and the Fast Start Guide and Weight Tracker.

Compared to $90 to $120 for many HCG products available, HCGDietPlus.ca offers their HCG Excite for as low as $79.99. Touted as easy weight loss, the HCG diet compiled with high quality HCG diet drops creates rapid fat loss that lasts, “HCG Excite boasts a phenomenal client success rate,” explained a HCGDietPlus.ca spokesperson.

HCGDietPlus.ca features a blog covering a wide-range of topics to answer common customer questions and concerns with articles like “Steps to Implement HCG Weight Loss” and “Staying Motivated on the Diet Protocol.” The site’s FAQ page covers additional questions and provides a special promo code for 25% off HCG Excite drops or pellets.

Customer testimonials highlighted at the bottom of the homepage share real-life stories from both men and women who have lost weight with HCG Excite and have maintained their losses over time.

The extensive editorial content, how-to information and proven-effective HCG diet products make HCGDietPlus.ca the preferred choice for consumers seeking long-lasting, rapid weight loss.

About HCGDietPlus.ca
HCGDietPlus.ca is the premier website for 100% natural, homeopathic HCG drops or pellets online. The site provides free unlimited support before, during and after the customer does the HCG diet. Extensive editorial content, customer testimonials and a variety of HCG diet packages make the HCGDietPlus.ca ideal for consumers who are just learning about the diet as well as those who are ready to begin experiencing safe, rapid weight loss with HCG drops and HCG diet support. For more information, visit http://www.HCGdietplus.ca/

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