Camping Enthusiasts Discover New Comprehensive Camping Website

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 07/26/2012 --Campers and outdoor lovers the world over are flocking to the new camping and outdoor website The Camping Trail is poised to become the ultimate online destination for all things outdoors ranging from camping, hiking and backpacking to mountain biking and kayaking with detailed equipment reviews, camping tips and much more.

As more people rediscover the great outdoors, they join the millions of people that make camping, hiking, backpacking or just generally getting out and enjoy the great outdoors a regular source of fun, exercise and adventure. Many of those outdoor lovers are spreading the word about the new website The Camping Trail, which is quickly becoming a leading online portal on the subject of camping. “We established The Camping Trail as a way for people to access more information about the things they find most fun in life, namely anything to do with being in the great outdoors of whatever country they happen to live in,” said The Camping Trail Co-Founder and KP Marketing Co-Owner Kelly Campbell.

The website provides readers with helpful in-depth camping gear reviews such as the latest tents, backpacks, boots, clothing, cooking equipment, survival items, sleeping bags and much more. Readers can learn some great camping recipes and food ideas as well as read informative articles on backpacking, mountain biking, kayaking and other aspects of outdoor life. In addition to a growing list of articles on topics such as basic survival skills, camping tips for beginners, car camping and much more, the website will also be adding a number of how-to videos and camping video reviews.

The Camping Trail seeks to bring together all types of outdoor lovers regardless of their experience level or ways in which they experience the outdoors. From those that love camping in the wild, beach camping or those that prefer camping in facilities, to backpackers, hikers, mountain bikers, kayakers and beyond. The website brings them all together with camping information, tips, gear reviews, a camping checklist and information on the best camping destinations.

The website is constantly growing and adding new information and product reviews, so outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to check back often. “Camping is a life experience which should be experienced at least once, and we hope to provide everyone with the information, tips and resources to make sure their camping experience is an enjoyable one,” said The Camping Trail Co-Founder and KP Marketing Co-Owner Patrick Fitz-Gibbon. For more information, please visit

About The Camping Trail
The camping trail is a website dedicated to providing campers and other outdoor enthusiasts with equipment reviews, tips and articles about all forms of camping and other aspects of being in the great outdoors. The website is an endeavor of KP Marketing; an internet-based advertising and marketing company that specializes in recreation and sports. Owned and managed by Patrick Fitz-Gibbon and Kelly Campbell, KP Marketing is currently in the process of expansion with a number of outdoor-based endeavors.

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