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NSW, Australia -- (SBWire) -- 07/26/2012 --The new business creation and development incubator known as BizCADI has just announced that they have launched a major crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the completion of the infrastructure and launch of their new community website portal. BizCADI’s mission is to fuel the next generation of established entrepreneurs by creating 100,000 successful startups and 10,000 established entrepreneurs by the end of 2015. The BizCADI crowdfunding campaign, which has just launched on, is providing a number of incentives for financial contributors to their mission of launching their incubator website.

The purpose and goal of BizCADI is to help business owners and entrepreneurs with sound ideas for starting a business to go from concept creation to successful startup by providing them with the necessary tools to turn that vision into reality. BizCADI is based around a built-in system called the Exchange that encourages and motivates the other business owners and entrepreneurs to get behind the projects and fast-track the business growth through social media. The dynamic BizCADI community allows like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs to share insights and resources, develop relationships that grow businesses, test concepts and gain funding.

BizCADI is the brainchild of successful Australian financial planner and entrepreneur Shaun Murphy. Having worked for the largest financial institutions in Australia and around the world, the businessman has provided financial advice for investment of hundreds of millions of dollars. Murphy has doubled investor incomes in less than 30 days and increased business revenues by 397 percent in less than 90 days. “My career has reinforced my belief that success cannot be achieved alone,” said Murphy. “By helping the thousands of budding entrepreneurs that need support via BizCADI, we can change the success paradigm and help people all around the world improve their lives.”

While the infrastructure and network for the portal are progressing quite well, Murphy, who has thus far funded the project himself, is in need of an additional $3,000 to finish the platform. The BizCADI campaign has just gone live on the popular crowdfunding website seeking the additional funding from contributors around the world.

As a thank you and greater incentive to contributors, BizCADI has set up different monetary value contribution tiers with a variety of escalating incentives. They range from community memberships, custom bags, hats and t-shirts, to highly significant and long-term marketing, funding and business growth incentives via the new portal. “While the impact of contributing to completion of the BizCADI platform has measurable consequences for the contributors, the impact on the thousands of lives down the road is immeasurable,” said Murphy. For more information, please visit

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BizCADI is an online business incubator with a social network component. The platform brings together budding and successful entrepreneurs to create mentoring relationships as well as connections and funding support to take business ideas from vision to reality. BizCADI is the brainchild of successful Australian business owner and entrepreneur Shaun Murphy.

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