InetSoft's Style Intelligence Rated As Best Performance Dashboard

Pscataway, NJ -- (SBWire) -- 07/30/2012 --A performance dashboard is critical to the success of any organization as it instantly allows the top executives to see where the business is at any given point. Style Intelligence from InetSoft is continuously rated as one of the top performance dashboards because of its superior presentation and ease of use.

The best performance dashboards instantly allow a business’s lead executives to view and change key metrics almost on the fly. They give decision makers the power to efficiently view and execute strategies, objectives and processes and most importantly, they serve as a measurement for the business’s activities.

One of the best features of well-organized good performance dashboards is they help supervisors manage people and quickly communicate critical information to them. Business owners who use performance dashboards say they are especially helpful when problems arise since they deliver instant alerts and analyses, and allow key personnel to tackle the issues in real time which is difference between success and failure.

For business owners to view the importance of performance dashboards InetSoft maintains a web page via this link which explains the benefits of their product:

InetSoft dashboards are uniquely designed to allow static numbers and data to become interactive knowledge to every employee who has access, and it helps key staff make informed decisions so they are constantly aware of what’s going on in the business.

The company uses visualization-driven software in a self-service environment which allows employees to customize their search to view only the information they need at any particular moment. This is only possible through InetSoft's innovative Style Intelligence software which is easy to install and even easier to learn. The software is intuitive and most employees ‘get it’ the first time they use it to manage processes and employees.

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InetSoft's Mission is to provide high quality, open standards based, business intelligence software that does not lock clients into a single BI solution, and to stay nimble and innovate in order to apply the latest technologies to a productive business intelligence implementation. To design software that is easy to use and easy to deploy.

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