Mexican Dentists in Tijuana Charge a Lot Less Money Than Their American Counter Parts

Tijuana, Mexico -- (SBWire) -- 07/30/2012 --Mexican dentists in Tijuana, Mexico, charge a lot less money than their American counter parts simply because they include certain parts of the treatment in their final price.

American doctors itemize their prices and in doing so they are able to charge extra money for the same exact procedures that are performed in Mexico.

Dentists in Tijuana, Mexico, have been serving Americans for a number of decades and it is becoming more commonplace than most Americans realize. Savvy tourists are combining a Mexican vacation with dental treatment which helps them realize even more savings. The Implant Art Center in Tijuana, Mexico, maintains a website where Americans can perform research into the amount of money they can save by visiting a Mexican dentist.

“My wife and I won a Mexican vacation through our radio station’s early morning program and we decided to get some dental work done while we were in Mexico. My wife got a complete exam and I got a cleaning and we didn’t pay nearly as much as our American dentist would have charged us. I highly recommend the Implant Art Center to people who want to save money.” – Melvin Quarters

Many Mexico dentists clinics such as the Implant Art Center also offer information on hotel accommodations which are not only affordable but five star hotels. One accommodation listed on the Implant Art Center website lists a five star hotel for only $79 a night which isn’t a bad price considering five star hotels are notorious for costing a couple hundred dollars a night.

Dental implant dentists in Mexico usually charge about one-third less than American dentists for the same procedures. For example, a simple exam and evaluation with panoramic x-ray costs only $39 at the Tijuana Implant Art Center. In the United States that same procedure costs about $165. With savings like that it is no wonder thousands of Americans are getting their dental work in Mexico instead of at home.

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