Southern Sisters Offers Stunning New Bedding Patterns

Southern Sisters Designs is a name that spells the appeal of animal prints, unconventional patterns and quality work on superior fabric.

Savannah, GA -- (SBWire) -- 08/03/2012 --Southern Sisters Designs is a name that spells the appeal of animal prints, unconventional patterns and quality work on superior fabric. They now launch Zebra bedding which is available in all sizes, and can be used to liven up any bedroom, children’s dorm, or even the lounge!

Southern Sisters has been a name to reckon with for some time now, bringing in unconventional patterns for home linen, bed linen, accessories and table linen. There are some lines of dress-jewelry, home utilities like hangers and handbags. There are even select ranges of camouflage clothing and bathing gear available. Now, they foray into the production of bed linen, and make it as popular as anything else they have been successful with before.

For those who would like to try out the unconventional bedspreads in green, purple, stark contrasts of black and white, and even pink, Southern Sisters has some recommendations in all the size ranges. Getting up a bedroom in smart, cheerful colors and patterns is sure to spruce up the mood for anything that requires one to be sprightly and energetic, and the Zebra bedding patterns aid in achieving the desired effect.

Most homemakers are now pattern housekeepers in that they like to have even disorganized Zebra patterns in sets, so Southern Sisters introduce pillow cases, window valance, shams and many other accessories, in addition to curtains, and this can help make for plenty of planning and redecorating. The complete set of Zebra bedding includes a fitted bedsheet and a bed skirt in a matching pattern. There are also matching shams, comforter and a flat sheet, to make the ensemble complete. What’s more, maintenance of the linen is really easy, as even the comforter will fit into a large washing machine, making it easy to fit into one’s periodic laundry load.

Nobody is too old or too sober for these patterns. They come in attractive patterns combining unconventional couplings, for one will find black in combination with green, pink and even purple! For those who would like to panel the whole bedroom and the bathroom after the same theme, there are even shower curtains made out of the same durable material.

It is, however, important that one place an order quickly, as these products have hit the market only recently and are already flying off the shelves. Find out further details from

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