Peter Leeds Penny Stocks Guide Offers Expert Advice on the Best Penny Stocks Available

The Penny Stocks Guide, the newsletter produced by industry expert Peter Leeds, teaches the basic principles of penny stock trading, offers expert advice on the best penny stocks available and is available to new members for free for a 14 day trial.

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 08/15/2012 --According to Peter Leeds, when it comes to finding the best penny stocks investors need to know how to avoid the worst penny stocks. There are a lot of penny stocks that are not just average but actually terrible investments. In fact, following the hype heard on the street most times leads to losses of funds, not gains. In recent years, penny stocks trading has become very popular.

The Penny Stocks Guide offers expert advice to newcomers and long time investors both. It advises which penny stocks to buy and when to sell them as well. Most importantly, the newsletter lists the best penny stocks available and also gives advice on long term strategies for investing in this market.

Penny stocks are company stocks trading in a range from a fraction of a penny up to $5. Penny stocks got their name because they are worth pennies on a dollar. Investing in penny stocks can give investors tremendous reward potential in short periods of time.

The low cost of penny stocks is also advantageous because investors can purchase larger numbers of shares at prices they can afford. The beauty of penny stocks is that sometimes they grow-up and become mid-cap stocks, multiplying in value many times over and making many people wealthy. Even well known companies like Playboy, Ford, GM, and Xerox used to be penny stocks before graduating to larger companies.

The secret to succeeding in penny stock trading is market timing and knowing the best penny stocks to buy during market corrections. In order for an investor to know which are the best penny stocks at that particular time, thorough research and investigation is required. “Finding the best penny stocks is absolutely essential for anyone who dreams of making millions from penny stock trading” says Peter Leeds.

Simply put, research and analysis are the keys to success in penny stock trading. The best penny stocks are those that maximize profits for investors and do it with the least amount of risk. If investors want to invest in the best penny stocks then investors should stick to the best markets, like the OTC-ABB, Amex and NASDAQ and make their decisions based on expert market analysis.

The Penny Stocks Guide is a comprehensive and impartial resource for investors interested in penny stocks. It provides information about the best penny stocks available in the market and is updated weekly. The Penny Stocks Guide teaches the basic principles of penny stock investing, including how to do it intelligently and safely with the least risk. To learn more, please visit

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