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Louisville, KY -- (SBWire) -- 08/17/2012 --Workout Supplements Dot Org is a new blog based product review site that offers product information, tips and news about workout supplements and supplementations. The site has different navigations. It has an “Article” tab that contains different information about workout supplements. This is offered for individuals who are still learning about workout supplements and/or those who are already trained. The site will launch two product reviews every week.

According to Laura, blog owner and workout expert, “Workout Supplements Dot Org focuses mainly in providing consumers, particularly fitness enthusiast, the right information and knowledge about workout supplements.” She further mentioned “The goal of my blog is to guide beginners and novice in whatever goal they wish to achieve and at the same time offer fitness experts a place to share thoughts, opinions and latest news about the health and fitness market. I will also provide a newsletter subscription for readers if they want to receive a weekly newsletter delivered straight to their email. In the future I will also provide videos and how to tips on different workout trainings and routines for free.”

Workout Supplements Dot Org offer reviews on different bodybuilding supplements both on pre-workout and post-workout supplements. The review has a picture of the product which can be found in the top left area, beside the first paragraph. The product reviews consist of product overview, main features, nutrition breakdown, main ingredients, muscle builder , recommended use and other valuable information that the readers of the site should know.

The website is composed of two columns: the left side contains the article while the right area is a sidebar. The sidebar consists of Recent Posts, Categories, Featured Pages and Tags. At the footer area of the site you will find the following: About, Anti-spam Policy, Contact, Disclaimer, DMCA Notice, E-mail Policy, Earnings Disclaimer, External Links Policy, Medical Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use, Testimonial Disclaimer, Copyright, Sitemap.

For more information you can visit the site at this link . You can also check the site for future updates.

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