Cary Gastroenterology Creates a Website to Educate Patients on Colonoscopy and Colon Cancer Treatment

Cary Gastroenterology is one of the leading medical specialty practices who decided to create a website and help all people with their colon cancer treatment by providing professional opinions and dedicating to it every day.

Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWire) -- 08/20/2012 --When a person is diagnosed with colon cancer, then treatment focuses on removing the primary tumor which caused the cancer, and prevents the spreading of malignant cells throughout the body. Some of the most common ways of colon cancer treatment include surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. There are some websites online that can provide information about colonoscopy and colon cancer treatment, for all patients who interest in this. However, Cary Gastroenterology decided to start a website that would serve patients on their way to recovery from colonoscopy, and provide valuable information about colon cancer treatment.

Cary Gastroenterology is a medical specialty practice with a mission to treat and diagnose diseases of the digestive tract for adults. Their physicians have over 85 years of combined experience in gastroenterology. Cary Gastroenterology strives in providing the highest standard of medical care in a compassionate, personal and professional environment. They have been dedicated to adult gastroenterology since 1986, and have taken care of more than thousand patients, treating and diagnosing disorders like liver, ulcerative colitis, gastritis, diverticulitis and colon cancer disorders.

Cary Gastroenterology is the number one gastrointestinal specialty practice in the Raleigh area, with an onsite pathologist, working full time collaboratively with the physicians to make sure patients get immediate pathology results of biopsies.

One of the medical experts on colon cancer at Cary Gastroenterology said, “Colon cancer is a disorder found in the colon of the rectum, and it usually develops slowly, leaving enough time to diagnose and treat. However, it can still get very serious and it is recommended to start with the treatment as soon as a person finds out about it. For individuals who are at average risk, the ASGE recommended colonoscopy screening to start at the age of 50 and repeat the procedure for every 10 years after a normal exam. We understand that a sick person does not have a time to waste, and that is why we decided to start a website with almost all information about colonoscopy and colon cancer treatment. We believe it will help people with these troubles to educate themselves on their disorders.”

If you would like to contact Cary Gastroenterology and find out more about colon cancer treatment, visit their website or call their phone number at 919-816-4948.

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