The Scottish Whisky Offers Antique and Rare Scottish Whiskies Online

Edinburgh, Scotland -- (SBWire) -- 10/01/2012 --The Scottish Whisky offers antique and rare whiskies through their online whisky shop. Scottish Whisky via Online , offers wide range of whiskies. Prices of all whiskies on Scottish Whisky Online store are shown, exclude any tax. Whiskies and wine brands manufactured in Scotland are known throughout the world because they are rare, costly and best. The kinds of whisky they deliver include Blended Whisky, Single Malts, Blended Malt, Single Cask, Bourbon, Grain or Pot Still. Whiskies distilled at all the renowned distilleries in Scotland are offered by the Scottish whisky store. Whisky is a distilled alcoholic drink produced at the multiple distilleries dotted across Scotland.

Single Malt Whisky refers to a whisky product made from one specific distillery and has not been mixed with whisky from any other distilleries. Single malt whisky is said to have more ellagic acid, which is a natural antioxidant, which can prevent the formation of cancerous cells. The Scottish Whisky homes offer a wide range of Single Malt Whiskies at competitive prices. Single Malt whisky is made from a mash that uses one particular malted grain. It is one of the purest forms of Scotch whisky known to man. The word ‘malt’ comes from the fact that the barely has been malted. It is a process whereby the grains are made to sprout and then dried over peat fires.

Scotland is famous for many things, but perhaps none more so than Scotch whisky. They have a large number of distilleries producing the best quality Scotch whisky . Many have tried to recreate this famous beverage in other parts of the world, but only in Scotland, the perfect ingredients and environment can be found, to produce the perfect whisky. The Scottish Whisky stores one of the best Scotch Whiskies of the world. They store every rare type of the Whisky and aims that they should arrive with the customers in mint condition. Scotch whisky is well-known worldwide due to its complexity, variety and quality.

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