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Oklahoma City, OK -- (SBWire) -- 09/07/2012 --Pro Factory Hoses has launched its new line of product, motocross holeshot device. The new line of product will help motocross racers to earn a lead in motocross races.

It is pleasure to announce that Oklahoma Motocross and Pro Factory Hoses agreed upon the distribution of Tamer Holeshot Device. Kevin Maret, the owner of Tamer Inc is introducing its invention, a US patented double pin style hole shot device designed for dirt bike racers to give them a lead in races. The new design of Tamer Inc hole shot has wider grooves which makes it much easier to customize and adjust during races compared to other similar devices.

Tamer Inc's new product line of double pin device is one of a kind. The device allows riders to adjust it according to track conditions without changing the fork guard. It can be adjusted for two types of tracks: concrete and tacky for upper and lower bottom respectively. This allows dirt racers to adjust the settings of holeshot device as track conditions changes during the day such as moisture and temperature. The easily adjustable feature of Tamer Inc device has earned it good holeshot device review. It is manufactured in USA from strong aluminum using high tech CNC machines. It has a lifetime warranty and it gives you a better start and improved performance in dirt races.

Double pin holeshot device is available at Pro Factory Hoses online store for $81, and it has blue, black and silver colors, and it easily fits in Honda dirt bikes. The motocross holeshot device comes with an instruction manual that will guide you in installing it yourself. Once installed properly, the holeshot hookup will hold the fork of the bike in place until you hit a bump during race or use front break. Tamer Inc also recommends dirt race bikers to wash the device properly and lubricate the push rod for next use.

Most serious rides have all basic tools required to adjust bike's settings and its performance. Some basic tools which you will need to install the device include a drill, masking tape, wrench and screwdriver, which are easily available at any hardware store.

Start by removing any plastic object attached such as guard in order to install the motocross holeshot device. Extend the Tamer ring apart and slide it around the throttle side fork, and screw it tightly after bringing it in the correct position. Cut the template out of the instruction sheet that comes with the kit, place it in position as described in the manual, and mark the point to make holes using a drill machine; use the template as a stencil. Clean the holes for any metal pieces left, and place the Tamer buttons in it. Install the plastic fork guards and tighten it. Make sure that Tamer button is in line with groove ring.

To learn more about Tamer Inc holeshot kit and view detailed instructions to install motocross holeshot device, please visit http://profactorymx.com/tamer-holeshot-device-motocross-launch-control-installation-tips-and-reviews/

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