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Pasadena, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/13/2012 --If there's one thing we learned at the launch of MOP, it's that anything used by endgame players will be expensive. The new for level 90 flasks is expensive. New for level 90 gems is expensive. A new for level 90 enchants? Potentially be expensive.

But for every player out there spending 5K gold on a flask or 6k gold on a gem, there will be three or four players who simply don't have that kind of money. And there will also be players uninterested in spending top dollar to gem and enchant gear that they'll be throwing away for something better in weeks, if not days.

These players will be looking for bargains, and that's where you can come in. A number of Wrath-era enchants were strong sellers in the opening days of MOP. Same goes for Wrath gems and even some Wrath-era flasks. They were all used during the grind to level 90 and even by some players while running endgame heroics and raids.

There's no doubt that some consumables will be in demand. And just as logically, there will be some that won't be in demand at all, depending on what the market gets flooded with as people push to 600 in their professions. Heck, some enchants are still cheaper than the mats that combine to make them.

There are a number of professions in World of Warcraft, but only a few are the top gold making professions. Earlier this year, players looked at the some top professions in World of Warcraft for various reasons, but they didn¡¯t drill it down to which ones put the most gold on their pocket.

Running low on cash? is a tough profession to sell on the top 5 gold making professions because it could be the best profession for making gold or the absolute worst, in the meantime, wow lover can buy wow gold safe and cheap there. Let¡¯s face it, glyphs can be expensive, but the materials for them cost almost nothing. Understanding this, we can see where the profit margins stand. Cheap to produce but can be sold for large sums of gold. can bring the cheaper and faster wow gold for players, the lowest price actually has best service quality. The 5 to 15 minutes delivery is keep the fastest delivery speed compare with other suppliers, after work hard for so many years; MMOCarts team is earned a bright future for itself.

Enjoy life, enjoy world of warcraft new patch pandaria.

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