Ethical Questions in Debut Paranormal Suspense Thriller Present Readers With a Dilema

With its excellent pacing and beautifully complex plot, Shifter is a peach of a novel. Think you know what reality is? Steven D. Jackson will convince you otherwise. Shifter is a superb debut novel that will pin you to your seat. - Cas Peace, Artesans of Albia trilogy

Moses Lake, WA -- (SBWire) -- 09/17/2012 --Shifter, the new paranormal suspense thriller novel from Steven D. Jackson, follows a hunted man. An agency wants him dead; the world is being manipulated around him. In his search for the truth, he turns to unorthodox methods.

“I’m sure most people have seen things like 24,” says Jackson, “where to save a load of people a man is tortured for information. It always works out, though in real life it doesn’t always. People feel uncomfortable discussing it and I’ve often wondered what I would do in a situation where I knew a person had vital information and they wouldn’t give it up. By the time the main character in Shifter, John, decides he has to find out what’s causing the devastating alterations in his life, the twists and shifts in reality around him, he’s on the very edge of losing it. The choices he makes, the way he handles it, reflect the terrible strain he’s under. He’s being hunted; people are trying to kill him. But does that make it right to use questionable techniques to find the truth? It’s a tough one.”

As a lawyer, John Davis should know the difference between right and wrong. But when the world is turned inside out by unseen forces, when a murderous agency is hunting him down, he begins to wonder what right and wrong really is.

“It’s true that Davis probably loses sight of his sense of right and wrong to an extent,” admits Jackson, “we as readers just have to have faith that he’ll recover his morals before he does something truly awful. Of course it’s easy to say that, living in a world where truth and reality are certain; in John’s world, things no longer make any sense. I wonder what any of us would do when faced with individuals like the Shifters, with powers to alter and transform the fabric of reality without warning. Or when hunted by people out for our blood.”

In Shifter, John Davis might be going insane. Or he might be reshaping reality. He isn’t sure which. When the world starts shifting around him, he is the only one who seems to notice. The changes seem harmless at first – sunny skies, a nicer apartment, new furniture – but quickly turn sinister when his best friend vanishes without a trace. In his search for the truth behind his friend’s disappearance, John uncovers a mysterious organization dedicated to hunting down those who can shift reality, and they want John dead. If John isn’t the Shifter, he needs to find out who is before the organization catches up to him and his reality unravels completely.

Shifter, the debut paranormal suspense thriller by Steven D, Jackson , readers are taken on a fast paced race against time as John tries to understand his shifting world and discover who he can trust and who is out to end his life. Shifter explores:

The Organization - a secret group of people who work to protect the world from terrorists

Shifters - those ruthlessly capable of manipulating reality to suit their own needs

Recallers - people able to resist the changes happening around them

Shifter is written under the pseudonym Steven Jackson and is his first novel. Jackson is a lawyer in London and lives in Southampton, UK. A member of Mensa, Jackson served as the under 26 Mensa officer for the South East and describes it as a “strange experience.”


Shifter is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Rhemalda Publishing or your favorite book retailer. It is also available in eBook format.

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