Announces Profitable Website Maker Business Opportunity

Putting the power of a new start and a higher salary into the hands of millions, offers anyone the opportunity to own a website maker business.

Minooka, IL -- (SBWire) -- 09/21/2012 --With millions of Americans still struggling to pay their bills, help could be just a click away, in the form of a new business opportunity from

The website sells a script package which allows anyone with web hosting to install a powerful website maker script. This script allows them to run a fully-automated website making business in minutes. Visitors coming to their site can create their own website and pay a small fee to remove a watermark that is embossed on each page.

Visitors will enjoy the power to build gorgeous websites with ease. After uploading their logo and answering a few basic questions (such as ‘Do you want a F.A.Q page?’ etc), the user’s website will be automatically built using the included script.

“Unlike Wordpress, our website manager allows your visitors to make every edit from one single page. You profit from users paying you to remove your site branding from their website. It's all automated via Paypal,” says Lani Lugar, who is responsible for marketing the product.

She continues, “We have the watermark removal set as default to $49.99. However, users can set it to whatever they like – it’s their business!”

The website’s profit model was carefully constructed by a team of leading business and technology experts. Based on a proven and popular upsell concept, thousands of people are already profiting from buying the package and launching their own website making business.

“Our users report paying for the package after just two or three sales. From this point, 100% of revenue is profit. With many users selling five a day, you can imagine how this affects their income and quality of life,” Lugar adds.

A huge proportion of people building sites from the script pay to remove the branding in order to avoid others knowing where they made their professional website.

With the power of a new life now firmly in the hands of any American, a new life awaits anyone who wants to take it.

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About Website Maker Script
The Website Maker Script installs on any hosting server within minutes and allows visitors to come to the new site and be able to create their own professional website (with custom logo design) in a couple of minutes.

It includes multiple pages and dynamic menus (meaning if you add a page, it shows up on the menu) and single-page editing.

Unlike Wordpress, the website manager allows all visitors to make every edit from one single page. Owners profit from users paying them to remove the site branding from their website. It's all automated via Paypal!

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