DDoS Protection Expert DDoS Defend's Website Upgrades Introduce Brand New Features

Apopka, FL -- (SBWire) -- 09/21/2012 --In an age of Internet attacks, DDoS protection is becoming a necessity for websites. Recurring DDoS attacks keep websites from functioning properly, resulting in loss of traffic and sales, as well as a damaged reputation.

DDoS Defend, one of the Internet’s most popular DDoS protection companies, is widely known for their secure anti DDoS services. The DDoS protection company is praised for their ability to reduce all known forms of attacks in order to maintain a website’s accessibility.

The company’s Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans “leverage [DDoS Defend’s] unique, remote, and high capacity filtration system to mitigate all known forms of DDoS attacks.” The plan prices range from $99 to $199 and include different levels of DDoS mitigation, resources, filtering, and features.

Recently, DDoS Defend introduced a new web portal to their website that explains how the protection system works.

Traditionally, websites have regular visitors, bots, spiders, and crawlers—plus, unfortunately, hackers and DDoS attacks. Depending on the website’s host, most intruders are naturally filtered, with the exception of hackers and DDoS attacks. DDoS Defend accepts all traffic, filters out friendly bots, spiders, crawlers, and visitors, leaving behind everything malicious. When an attack is detected, DDoS Defend routes visitors, attackers, search engine spiders/crawlers and hackers through cloud-based DDoS Defense—resulting in the mitigation of the attack and a fast, efficient, and transparent user experience.

For those who believe in DDoS Defend’s website defense mission, the company has created a Partnership Program that lets buyers resell DDoS protection at a discounted rate. It is ideal for web hosting and protection providers interested in offering new services to clients in order to increase their product range, increase profits, and become leaders in web defense.

DDoS Defend allows their partners to work with their marketing team in order to build solid, custom DDoS plans available at significantly lower cost—nearly 500% less than the leading competitors. Partners of DDoS Defend can expect free website reviews, 24/7/365 email support, and no monthly charges.

At this time, DDoS Defend is offering a special promotion on their DDoS Protection Plans: 25% off with the use of code SUPERHERO.

About DDoS Defend
DDoSDefend’s DDoS Protection protects websites from network and application level Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks without the installation of hardware or software. Setup is simple: websites are routed through cloud-based DDoS Defend by the adjustment of a single DNS record, effectively protecting reputation, brand and ensuring online accessibility. The company offers three different plans—Silver, Gold, and Platinum—to ensure that clients find the right protection for their websites. For more information, please visit http://ddosdefend.com

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