SP Industries, Inc. Helps Companies Go Green As Increased Recycling "Gains Traction"


Hopkins, MI -- (SBWire) -- 09/25/2012 --"There is an increasing demand from the public for more recycling of products,” said Minnesota’s Garth Hickle, product stewardship leader with that state’s Pollution Control Agency, in a recent overview of recycling trends in Waste & Recycling News. "We are starting to see kernels of multi-material approaches. The idea is starting to gain traction." To help that traction further and make it easier on industrial recyclers everywhere, SP Industries, Inc. announces advances in waste handling to make both recycling and non-recycling more efficient for businesses, everywhere.

Michigan-based SP Industries, Inc. announced several new options for trash and material compaction, which make the hauling of loads more efficient, thus meaning fewer trips to haul the same amount of material. In this way, even the transportation of non-recyclable material is made more “green.”

Among the options offered by SP is a Wet-Pac process, which combines several items together, including liquids, and is ideal for apartments, convention halls and any other multi-user, multi-material venue; deck options, for when you want to load your compactor with a fork truck or other industrial machinery; compaction container covers, which keep waste from escaping while be transported, and much more.

With heavier-duty, better-built equipment, customers can be more in control of how and when their materials are handled and hauled, making the entire process more efficient and more green -- even for material not currently able to be recycled. Additionally, all machines are customizable for specific customers’ needs. For a complete list of SP Industries’ production options, visit http://sp-industries.com/options.htm

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