Commercial Roofing Hail Storm Damage Can Be Costly for Building Owners, Says Holland Roofing

Florence, KY -- (SBWire) -- 09/26/2012 --With the hail storm season going into full swing, Holland Roofing is reaching out to building owners and facilities managers to inform them of the critical need to protect their investments from the top down. Since 1986, Holland Roofing has been among the leading roofing contractors specializing in commercial roofing system and coating maintenance, repair, replacement and installation for small and large existing and new construction buildings throughout the Midwest and Southeastern United States.

As reports of hail storms start to come in across the country, it is obvious that the storm season is in full swing. The damage that these storms can cause to a commercial roof can go far beyond the significant investment in the roof itself to potentially jeopardize a building’s contents such as commercial inventory or equipment. While regular roof inspections are vital to the continued integrity of a commercial roof, Holland Roofing is letting building owners and facilities managers know that to prevent costly hail damage to a building’s roof and quite possibly its contents, commercial roofing inspections must go beyond the superficial.

“When it comes to maintenance of roof systems, hail damage is hard to recognize, and semi-annual inspections tend to focus on flashings, seams, and edges where leaks normally appear,” said Holland Roofing CEO and founder Hans Philippo. “Far too often, hail damage is not discovered in this process by many contractors and costly repair bills follow, so we are urging building owners to contract experienced roof inspectors to ensure any insured damage is found.”

According to Philippo, many roofers look only for fractures on the surface of the roof, not realizing that the impact of hail creates stress on the bottom side of the roof. This can compromise the properties of the roofing material, and in a period of time ranging from months to years, these cuts work their way to the surface of the roof. Then, moisture, condensation, and water find their way to the underlying insulation, which destroys the material. It is at this point when the leaks finally become visible. “The problem is that by the time the problem is recognized, the hail storm is long forgotten and what was an insured claim, is now money right out of the building owner’s pocket,” said Philippo.

In addition to the most thorough roof inspections in the industry, Holland Roofing specializes in new construction roofing systems, roof replacement, roof repair, and roof coatings for all types of roof systems. “We have dealt with every type of damage over the thousands of commercial roofs we have inspected, repaired and replaced,” said Philippo. “Since hail damage can go undetected, our ultimate goal is to reach clients before damage escalates over time in order to help them save money, time and assets.” For more information, please visit

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Since 1986, Holland Roofing has specialized in commercial roofing system and coating maintenance, repair, replacement and installation for existing and new construction for all types of roof systems. The firm works with small and large clients throughout the Midwest and Southeastern regions of the United States and is ranked among the top commercial roofing companies nationwide. Holland Roofing has satisfied more than 5,000 customers and successfully installed over 100 million sq. ft. of commercial and industrial roof systems.

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