Gains Attention for Its Simple Bitcoin Buying and Selling Marketplace

Irvine, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/26/2012 --Bitcoin is one of the most mysterious and exciting things to come out of the Internet in the last decade. It’s a decentralized, completely anonymous currency, created to facilitate anonymous digital purchase without recourse to a central bank. Since Bitcoin was unleashed on the world, many fortunes have been made and lost using it, and millions of dollars worth of the currency circulates in an anonymous online economy.

One Bitcoin related website that is making a lot of waves is, a Bitcoin trading platform that allows users to buy Bitcoins, or sell them locally. It is currently gaining attention as a way for people to acquire Bitcoins without utilizing an exchange service. Some wise traders are taking advantage of these local trades to avoid paying hefty fees.

The website provides an easy way for traders to connect up to buy and sell Bitcoins. Some traders say they feel more comfortable trading Bitcoin locally because there is no “middle man”. In the recent months, many Bitcoin exchanges have also added extra levels of verification before allowing people to use the exchange. This delay can be very inconvenient when attempting to make urgent trades.

The site also contains a wealth of information designed to demystify Bitcoin. The concept is so new, futuristic and complex that many people are lost when they first hear about it. Useful editorial content on the website helps to explain how it all works.

Bitcoin has recently gained further media attention as the payment route of choice for hackers attempting to blackmail US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. The Mitt Romney Bitcoin story started when hackers claimed they had accessed Romney’s tax returns, which are said to contain information about tax dodges that could be detrimental to his electoral chances. Bitcoins may be anonymous, but they are not untraceable, and a special section on the website has been dedicated to tracing transactions to and from these hackers.

A spokesperson for the website said: “Bitcoin is still in its infancy, but already it has gained recognition as a truly revolutionary currency and payment system. Unlike fiat money systems, the supply of Bitcoin is limited, so it holds value in a much more reliable way. Economically, it has more in common with gold than cash. It is an instant, anonymous, easily transferrable gold standard for the digital age. Bitcoin was all over the media last summer, and since then it has steadily been gaining traction and adherents. Slowly but surely the Bitcoin economy is growing. We’ve created as a way for people to buy and sell Bitcoin for profit, as well as an information resource for people to learn more about this exciting new currency.”

About is an online Bitcoin currency trading platform, where users can buy and sell Bitcoin at current market prices.

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