Search Engine Optimization Company Orp Media Helps Site Owners Remove Google Penalties

Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWire) -- 09/27/2012 --A Melbourne, Australia-based search engine optimization specialist, Orp Media, has recently launched a new link removal website in response to consumer demand for a spam removal service that is both efficient and transparent.

Orp Media’s Link Removal services have been particularly useful following the releases of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. These algorithm updates are designed to single out unfit content—low quality, keyword-ridden articles of little value to readers—submitted to search engines to garner extra traffic for websites.

Google may stamp penalties on “unnatural” websites, downgrading the reputation of the affected sites. Websites flagged by the algorithm updates may need to clean their link profiles and wait for site recovery, but oftentimes, the wait period results in decreased site traffic and disruption of business.

Many SEO companies have not been promoting websites properly, using questionable tactics that cost their clients traffic and positive ratings as well as potentially adding penalties, but through Orp Media Link Removal, the damage can be reversed.

Orp Media is known for designing successful SEO strategies for their clients. They can help to reverse link and over optimization penalties, recover lost search engine rankings and traffic, and eliminate spam links from backlink profiles.

Orp Media Link Removal works to help remove Google penalties by examining backlinks—links that direct visitors to the website in question—and analyzing their effect on search engine rankings. Once Orp Media Link Removal acquires their list of up to 2,500 backlinks, the company prunes target links by judging each on a case-by-case basis, creating a final list. Orp Media Link Removal then attempts to contact the webmasters of each link on their final list to have all unnatural links removed.

After contact is made, Orp Media submits a reconsideration request to Google for the penalized website that is now hopefully back in good standing according to Google’s guidelines. Orp Media is proud to act as the liaison between Google and the affected website in order to assure the search engine that webmasters are taking a proactive role in fixing their penalized websites.

Orp Media Link Removal allows their clients to be a part of the entire cleaning process by inviting them to view the removal process live and informing them about the steps the company is taking to remove the penalties.

Orp Media's Link Removal package was created for small to medium sized businesses that have been wronged by their SEO companies, but they have the capacity to take on custom projects of any size. They encourage companies interested in large projects to contact them directly via phone, email, or writing.

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