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Richmond, VA -- (SBWire) -- 09/28/2012 --Sporting events and competitions can take on many different forms. Not everything we compete in or have fun with is sanctioned by a national league or representative board. All around the world, especially in small regions and neighborhoods, there are events that defy categorization. I'm talking about events like a build your own boat race, where people have 24 hours and five-dollars to build and race a naval contraption.

These sports don't have ready-made trophies to hand out to the contestants (such as the fastest sinker category for the build your own boat race). Instead, trophies need to be fashioned out of older trophies with a mix of ingenuity on the part of the folks creating the event. But, even though there are no official build your own boat race trophies in stock at K2 Trophies and Awards, there is an ever increasing supply of new trophies every year. Below is just a sampling of some of those new trophies and you may just be surprised at what sports have become popular.

Cornhole: Let's just get this one out of the way right up front. Cornhole is a backyard sport that has many names; bean bag toss, corny, baggo or bags. It's a simple game very similar to Horseshoes. Two players toss bags at an elevated board that has a hole in it. If a tossed bag lands on the board it is worth 1 point. If it goes in the hole, it is worth 3 points. If it lands on the ground it scores no points. Players alternate turns throwing until a player scores a predetermined number of points, usually 11 or 21. Like most simple games it’s easy to pick up and play and have fun, but difficult enough to make winning a matter of skill and practice. Now, you can present any backyard champion with one of our many new Cornhole trophies. Imagine the look of amazement as you end your backyard BBQ Cornhole playoffs by presenting this one-of-a-kind trophy to your backyard champion.

Boy and Girl Scouts' Trophies: Although organizations mostly know for badges, Boy and Girl Scout Trophies are increasingly more common among troops all over the nation. K2 Trophies & Awards carries the newest designs, made exclusively for Boy and Girl Scouts’ Awards. Many trophies come in three sizes making them great for awarding to first, second and third place winners when the award is linked to a competition. And, the easy inserts allow you to customize them for Girl, Boy or even Cub Scouts.

Archery Trophies: The excitement of the Olympics is still in the air, especially the images of the archery competition. That might be the reason for the new archery trophies coming out this year. K2 Trophies and Awards have an array of trophies in different sizes ready to present to that star archer in your club. With custom engraving, you can tailor these new trophies to just about any event or distance.

Cheer Trophies: Just a quick mention as school gets back into session that there are new Cheer Trophies available. Once again, multiple sizes and designs to create a perfect event finale.

It's impossible to pre-create a trophy for every sport that gets imagined by folks around the world, but K2 Trophies and Awards is determined to help you find the trophy you need and tailor that trophy to your event. This year K2 has 300 new products in 10 new categories. With a long list of specialized trophies that grows bigger and bigger every year, we know that we can set you up with an award that suits your event. Even if that event is throwing bean bags at a piece of plywood with a hole cut in it.

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