Hope Springs from Sex and Relationship Expert Emma Ziff

Emma Ziff is a sex therapist and relationship expert who has been helping couples and individuals discover new found love and sexual freedom. Her work springs hope in helping people deal with important sexual issues.

Troutdale, OR -- (SBWire) -- 09/28/2012 --Emma Ziff is a leading UK sex and relationship expert and therapist. She works with clients, singles and couples, face to face or via Skype to bring new hope and sexual passion into relationships and lifestyles.

The recent movie “Hope Springs” has encouraged a deluge of newcomers to the idea of sexual relationship counseling. The film stars Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell. “Hope Springs” is about a couple who go to a relationship therapist for help with their marriage. The new movie is opening doors for people like Emma Ziff who have been practicing professionally for quite some time.

The secret to Emma’s success in her work has much to do with her non-judgmental, and very caring and understanding personality. She is especially comfortable to confide in and work with, and is known for getting results quickly and in a way that works every time.

Emma is not shy about detailing the importance of seeing a professional sex therapist if there are issues in a marriage. Her goal is to help others keep their relationship alive. She is an expert therapist and very well versed with any long tern sexual issues.

Emma has presented her successful radio show 'Ziffy's Love Zone' on all subjects around relationships, dating, and sexual intimacy. Her style of presenting advice combines the knowledge of Dr Ruth with the humour of Joan Rivers. Emma ultimately helps put the fun back into the bedroom by offering up sexual concerns into an open platform both singles and couples of all sexual preferences can appreciate. Emma Ziff does take on new clients and invites visitors to contact her through her website.

About Emma Ziff
Emma Ziff is an experienced radio and TV contributor, who is great fun and full of interesting and helpful information. She is in demand writing for magazines and newspapers and is even sought after in the United States for advice and columns.

Learn more by visiting http://www.emmaziff.com or contacting +44 (0) 203 551 9922.

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