Launch Binary Options Training Course for Stock Market Beginners

San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 10/02/2012 --Binary Options are a simpler form of stock option that allows for an “all or nothing” approach to betting on options, with the payoff being cash or assets depending on the type. If the option expires at a higher rate than a broker predicted, they will receive cash or assets as a fixed reward, where if it falls below that marker, they will lose their investment. It is an easier way to begin to understand the complexities of the stock market and begin making money. To start trading, would-be brokers need only a perfunctory analysis of broad trends as opposed to a surgical knowledge of the small print. has launched an educational course to provide this introduction and get people making money on the markets.

The course will be available to subscribers via the CPA Industry website, and will introduce students to the kind of trend analysis that will decode the complex world of trading in accessible terms, and allow them to act on these trends to buy and sell Binary Options.

To do so, students will use the live stock market to place small bets on the closing position of a stock at a given time, thus buying options that predict the stock will finish above or below by a certain number of points. If their prediction was correct, the student will be rewarded with a dividend. By using the real stock market and operating in real time, the course gives unparalleled levels of real-world experience to its students, who they hope will quickly grasp the concepts introduced by the course.

The course comes with full coaching and support, and allows students to start making small trades within hours, while continuing to hone and develop their insights to allow them to make successes on larger, bolder trades in the future.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “Our focus in providing this course is equip newcomers to the markets with top-flight insight and training, by stripping back the incredible complexities and framing them in broad strokes. Binary options are a great way for people to get introduced to stock trading, and many who start out there go on to make bigger investments with confidence.”

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