Becoming Shamus: New Novel Shares Family's Coming-of-Age; Told from Dog's Perspective.

Fusing a captivating and heart-warming tale of one young family’s coming-of-age, with life from a dog’s point of view, Elizabeth Curtisse’s, Becoming Shamus, is set to grip the hearts of human readers everywhere.

Westchester, NY -- (SBWire) -- 10/04/2012 --It’s a dog’s life, so they say. However, life from the perspective of young Shamus is less than easy. Following adoption into his third home and a new life with their existing lab, Shamus quickly learns that family life brings its fair share of trials and tribulations.

With his owners’ lives chronicled through his eyes, Shamus shares his experiences in Becoming Shamus, a new novel by New York author Elizabeth Curtisse.

Official Synopsis:

Shamus hasn’t had much luck with humans for reasons he can’t understand. At ten-months old, he's adopted into his third home by a young family and their canine companion, Lela.

Playful, destructive and more than a little insecure, Shamus desperately seeks to find his place among them. But entering a new family is not easy, and Shamus quickly discovers that he has a lot to learn. He can’t help feeling jealous of Lela, the family’s favored dog, as he struggles to gain a paw-hold.

Wise and understanding, Lela patiently mentors Shamus on duty, loyalty and love. Jealousy turns to admiration amid Lela’s failing health, and Shamus embraces new responsibilities during a tumultuous period when his family finds their lives in upheaval too. He bravely stands beside them as they trudge through the inherent challenges of daily life - the loss of innocence, a job, a friend, one’s self.

Through financial woes and marital problems, he comes to understand that while it takes a lot to make a family, it takes even more to sustain one.

As Curtisse explains, “Man’s best friend becomes privy to the intimate details of our lives. Becoming Shamus is a heartbreaking but humorous tale of friendship and family, loss and rediscovery. It’s told from a dog’s perspective and provides a unique view of human life and relationships.”

Continuing, “This insightful tale reminds us that we are all connected,” she says.

The book has been received into the literary world with critical acclaim. Since its recent launch, it has garnered rave reviews.

”Becoming Shamus is a skilful look at growing up - from a dog's perspective. But the growing pains belong not only to the lovable pet, but also to the family who cherishes him- and each other. It is an extraordinary look into ordinary lives and the grace and compassion that reside there. As Shamus reflects on his past, he draws us in to the events that shape his adoptive family. Love and companionship ease the loneliness of life's trials.... Sometimes confused, sometimes angry, but always determined to make it work. The honest and powerful narrative sheds light on what it is to love, to laugh, to grow, to endure. A rich and inspiring first work,” says Mary, who reviewed the book on

Another reader, Melissa, is equally as impressed. “This story was a real page turner that I just couldn't put down! From the beginning and throughout the novel, it draws you into this family's journey and life experiences all from their dog's perspective. The book makes you think about life from a dog's point of view too - very fascinating and a pleasurable read. I look forward to this author's next book!” she writes.

“This book is fantastic!!! The details are so vivid and you feel like you are right there. This book teaches and shows what a real family is like and how precious life can be. It is truly a masterpiece!” says another reader.

“We are getting very positive feedback from both animal lovers and those with family close to their heart. While animals live silently beside us, I hope my book gives our faithful companions a voice that will entertain, inform and inspire,” Curtisse adds.

Becoming Shamus, published by DC Publishing House, is available now from For a limited time around the date of this press release, promotional copies are available thru Amazon.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to the ASPCA.


About the Author: Elizabeth Curtisse
Elizabeth Curtisse, a practicing attorney in NYC, lives in Westchester, NY with her family and myriad of family pets. In her free time, she enjoys long walks, reading and gardening.

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