Real Brain Truth Health Experts Publish Procera AVH Review, Suggest Better Brain Supplements

Houston, TX -- (SBWire) -- 10/08/2012 --Brain supplement reviews and health information site updated their published review of Procera AVH, released by Brain Research Labs last week. The review was done by the team's health experts in the field of nutritional research and consultation.

The experts at the site are not entirely convinced with some of the claims that Brain Research Labs have made about their product. The medical experts are satisfied with the effectiveness of Procera AVH yet they question the credibility of the company. Asked why Brain Research Labs was under such scrutiny, Phillip Buck, the website's spokesperson said, "Brain Research Labs is an established organization in the field of nutritional supplements and have supplied various like products. Their claims are not completely false but are rather hazy. This method of unclear postulation is used widely in the health industry, to promote products and increase sales".

The review by health experts mentions that even though the product claims to have been tested by FDA standards, they still use the disclaimer that all "non-approved" FDA products have to display, this immediately throws up red flags about the claims. The health experts were also unsure of the obscure test details that have been claimed by Brain Research Labs.

"The brain supplement Procera AVH has some real effectiveness, but a primary ingredient (Huperzine A) makes the product potentially dangers as a long-term supplement for certain people. Those with high blood pressure may face health risks taking products with Huperzine A for extended periods. The product did not serve as a mood enhancer in any of the team's experiences, but does show some results in concentration and memory boost. ", finds the review.

The health experts review Procera AVH and explain their concerns about the cost of the product. The cost of the product on the Brain Research Labs website and Procera AVH's own product website had cost differences which is inconsistent and unusual. According to the experts the cost of the product was different in various websites depending on factors such as bulk purchase and shipping and handling costs. In the review, the overall cost is considered to be expensive as compared to other supplements.

To conclude, the review suggested alternatives to the Procera AVH brain supplement, one of them being Happy, Calm & Focused. The HCF supplement has impressed the team of experts due to its cost, effectiveness, support and transparent legal standards. The health experts find this as one of the best options, "Happy, Calm & Focused has impressed many nutritional consultants and health experts, due to a unique formula that nourishes the brain."

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