CEO of New Age Wine and Spirits Talks About Importance of Drinking Ultra Purified Vodka

Troutdale, OR -- (SBWire) -- 10/16/2012 --VODKA was designed and developed with the notion in mind that this new form of vodka should be clean, pure and intensely smooth, as well as better for you than any other vodka created before. VODKA's signature purity is the result of a highly advanced distillation process, all stages of which takes place in sunny Sonoma County, California. Distilled five times and held briefly in fine oak casks before bottling, VAD VODKA offers an exceedingly well-rounded, delicate flavor without any of the impurities commonly associated with other vodkas on the market.

Purified and refined using only the finest, artisan copper batch distilling equipment available, VAD VODKA is inherently healthier than traditional vodka. This process aids in the elimination of congeners from the final product. Congeners, more commonly referred to more simply as impurities, are chemical substances that are produced while a liquid is fermenting. Some of the most frequently cited congeners are acetaldehyde, propanol, acetone and tannin, all of which affect the body as alcohol enters the bloodstream. The presence of these and other impurities in alcoholic beverages has been shown to contribute to the notorious morning-after hangover.

Fortunately for vodka drinkers everywhere, the exhaustive distillation process used to purify VAD VODKA eliminates these potentially detrimental chemicals, allowing for a fully entertaining and enjoyable experience without any nasty side effects in the morning. This is due in large part to the fact that the body reacts more naturally to more natural substances and, therefore, bounces back from a night on the town with VAD VODKA than with any other beverage on the market. Whether you decide to enjoy your favorite mixed beverage with ultra-purified VAD VODKA or prefer to drink it neat, you know that you're indulging in something particularly special and unique in the world of vodka.

About New Age Wine and Spirits
When Will Mentesh, founder and CEO of New Age Wine and Spirits, set out to revolutionize the realm of vodka, he had a very specific goal in mind. He envisioned a healthier, better-tasting vodka that would change the way the world enjoyed their beverages altogether. His passion, purpose and unique perspective combined with thousands of hours of diligent testing and in-depth research resulted in the most innovative ultra-premium vodka yet: VAD VODKA.

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