MamaBear App for Family Tracking and Monitoring Is Now Available on the Google Play Store

Family tracking and monitoring now comes to the Google Play store


Tampa, FL -- (SBWire) -- 10/17/2012 --The MamaBear family tracker app has been released onto Google’s PlayStore by Geowaggle, LLC. After a successful public beta on the App Store, Geowaggle has opened up the new app for family tracking onto the Android platform. The MamaBearfamily tracker app is a two part solution that uses global positioning satellites (GPS) and social media monitoring to offer parental alerts and real time tracking over a wide range of potential threats and situations. The child version of the app offers an immediate and discrete way to contact the parent in case of an emergency of uncomfortable situation.

The MamaBearuses extensive GPS to monitor and alert parents in a number of situations. The app installs easily on the phone of the parent and the child. First and most easily the MamaBearapp can be used for family tracking in real time but it has several features for when a parent cannot watch their own phone incessantly.

MamaBearsends and alert message to the parent if the child leaves an approved area such as school or church or if a child enters an unauthorized area like liquor or tobacco stores or an off limits friends home. In addition to GPS monitoring the MamaBearfamily tracking app offers social media updates and monitoring to give parents updates when the child is tagged in a post, adds a new friend or uses inappropriate words. The child version of the app offers three easy to use buttons to allow the child to check in, discreetly call for a ride or signal an emergency in the case of a bad situation.

For more information on the MamaBearapp for android at the Google Play Store click here: Download the free app now.

Protecting your kids just got easier with MamaBear creating family tracking , social monitoring and driving monitoring apps for both android and iphones visit their website here .

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