Mold Test Chicago Area Company MI&T Offers Illinois Snowbirds Invaluable Peace of Mind

Chicago, IL -- (SBWire) -- 10/22/2012 --Winter is just around the corner and throughout the Chicago area, hundreds of residents are getting ready to leave town for a warmer climate. Known as snowbirds, these people spend half the year at home in Illinois and the rest of the time in the southern United States.

In addition to packing their needed items and doing the many chores that are necessary before heading out for an extended period of time, many Chicago residents are also arranging for mold testing. Leaving an apartment or home unattended for an extended period of time can lead to elevated levels of mold growth, so being proactive and scheduling a mold inspection before leaving town can be a very wise idea.

A mold inspection Chicago area company has been getting a lot of attention lately for its thorough and unbiased mold inspection and testing. MI&T is a nationwide mold inspection and testing company that offers high quality and affordable Chicago mold inspection.

According to Adam, a spokesperson for the mold testing Chicago area company, many snowbirds return to moldy homes because their HVAC unit has been turned off during their absence, or because water damage occurred while they were away.

“Both of these circumstances cause elevated humidity and excess moisture, which are the two main ingredients for a mold problem,” Adam noted.

If these issues are noticed and fixed right away, they usually do not cause a problem, Adam explained. But since snowbirds are typically away for months at a time, they often come back home to major mold issues that have been brewing undetected for months.

“If you return to your home and notice things like a musty smell, excess humidity, or strange growth throughout your home; it might be a good idea to get a mold test Chicago,” Adam said.

“Our friendly and knowledgeable employees at MI&T will take air and surface samples to determine not only if you have elevated levels of mold that are negatively impacting your air, but also find out the species and the source of the problem.”

The mold inspection & testing Chicago area company will then let their clients know whether or not a professional needs to be hired for mold removal or if the problem can be handled on their own. As Adam noted, MI&T only covers the inspection angle, not the removal, so homeowners can rest assured that they are getting unbiased facts.

Adam also cautions against working with companies that offer “free mold inspections.” This, he said, is a tactic that some companies use to get into a home and then pressure the owners to purchase a mold removal service—even if they don’t really need one.

“MI&T prides itself on offering our customers an unbiased assessment of their homes, but without a conflict of interest.”

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