New Hives Treatment Could Be the Answer for Chronic Cases

Norfolk, VA -- (SBWire) -- 10/26/2012 --Chronic Hives sufferer Paulette Joynt releases her brand new step by step natural hives treatment called 'Get Rid of Hives' this week with an aim to helping long term sufferers of the skin condition to beat their condition from the comfort of their own homes.

For those of you who don't know what chronic hives (urticaria) is here's a quick explanation.Hives is a term normally used to describe wheals and bumps which appear on the skin as the result of either coming into contact with an allergen or from ingesting an allergen.

The medical name for hives is actually urticaria, which is pronounced ur-ti-kair-ee-uh. There are two main urticaria characterizations, there's acute & chronic. Many of us will at some time suffer with an outbreak of acute hives, but the problem as Paulette explains is with the chronic version of the condition.

Paulette, a long term sufferer of chronic urticaria told us that she had to put up with the condition for almost twenty years with hardly any let up. Apparently the condition is almost impossible to treat even with the help of your doctor. If this is indeed the case, it would seem that Paulettes new publication may be very helpful for people who suffer continually with chronic urticaria.

We asked the question...what exactly is 'Get Rid of Hives'

This was what Paulette had to say:

Get Rid of Hives is a step by step hives treatment protocol which is based on the same method I used to get rid of my urticaria in just three weeks.

Of course claims like this are all too common on the internet, so what makes this chronic hives treatment different, we put this to Paulette.

Paulette: Well most people are looking for a cure for hives and that's where the problem lies. You see you can't cure chronic hives because chronic hives are a symptom of an underlying condition. Most people think they are suffering with a serious allergy or that they are allergic to lots of things, but that's not the case, or at least not the whole story.

To cut a long story short Get Rid of Hives shows anyone looking for a real hives treatment method a different approach to treating their condition. It all starts by understanding what chronic urticaria really is, once you understand why you continually suffer with chronic urticaria it becomes much easier to treat the condition.

Paulette explains that the whole chronic hives treatment protocol detailed in her publication is both practical and effective,with most people seeing results in weeks. Apparently following her method is also very cheap as no expensive medication or supplements are required

Our conclusion:

If you suffer with chronic hives also known as chronic urticaria then Get Rid of Hives might just be the hives treatment for you. For a better understanding of how Paulette's hives treatment works & differs from most of what is available we would suggest that you take a look for yourself:

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