Pinnacle Strategies Talks Project Management for Engineer to Order Manufacturers

Pinnacle Strategies Talks Project Management for Engineer to Order Manufacturers

Plano, TX -- (SBWire) -- 10/27/2012 --While some think that Engineer to Order (ETO) manufacturing organizations are at full capacity, the reality is significant available capacity is wasted due to coordination mistakes. The amount of lost capacity is close to 50%. “Recovering the loss of coordination between functions is the major opportunity in these organizations. It appears as delays, expediting, and frequent meetings to recover from these delays. The delays make it even more difficult to manage; the work doesn’t appear when the resources are planned on being available, so this capacity is lost. When delays are recovered, and work does appear, the resources must react to shorter timeframes to accomplish their tasks,” according to Mark Woeppel, CEO of Pinnacle Strategies.

All these peaks and valleys make for a very expensive and stressful place to manage ETO manufacturing projects. The push for sales makes it nearly impossible to tell a client to wait. Every project must show progress. Valuable resource capacity is consumed switching among various tasks and is no longer available to perform the work. Instead of moving projects forward, multitasking causes every project to slow down; compounding the problem. The execution system becomes clogged with work, and none of it is moving very fast.

Woeppel insists, “All this work makes project lead times longer and longer and delivery reliability plummet. The key to project management excellence is mastering effective behavior while blocking ineffective behavior. The real solution is dealing with the behavior.”

Pinnacle Strategies is uniquely positioned to address complex and ETO manufacturing projects. The company provides a framework and process to identify and eliminate the ineffective behavior and replaces them for behaviors and processes that work. Pinnacle Strategies eliminates the coordination mistakes and multitasking. Using a project transformation process employing the well proven Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) methodology, manufacturers are able to achieve the results in less than 6 months. In less than six months the output doubles with existing capacity, lead time is reduced by 50%, and costs are reduced 5%.

Pinnacle Strategies ( is an international management consulting firm delivering operations management excellence. The company brings decades of process improvement experience; these talents cross an array of industry sectors (aerospace to oil and gas and beyond) as well as many processes (complex manufacturing including Engineer-to-Order). Pinnacle Strategies increases shareholder value by developing high-performance business processes that significantly enhance productivity, reduce costs and time to market, improving profitability and accelerating sustainable growth.

Pinnacle Strategies also is the creator of the RABIT methodology, a proprietary approach that is concentrated on implementing quick response solutions with rapid results. The RABIT methodology culminates years of practical experience and expertise in continuous improvement; it consistently delivers dramatic increases in process output to deliver solutions to industrial and manufacturing firms worldwide. Industry leaders using this approach have realized 20% more output in just two months.

Pinnacle Strategies offers results-driven consulting solutions in the areas of performance management, project management, operations management, and supply chain.

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