New Digital Book with Accurate Chinese Tattoo Designs

Most Chinese tattoo designs online or available in tattoo catalogues are of poor quality. One has to surf through many websites to find an original and authentic design. has been put together with one purpose and that is to offer all the original and unique designs under one roof. This is a great chance for all those Westerners looking for accurate Chinese tattoos and avoid getting incorrect and ugly Chinese characters.

London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 11/05/2012 --There is a great number of poor quality Chinese tattoo designs in the market and – which is worse – most of them of questionable accuracy. Many more unsuspecting victims are walking around with nonsensical or offensive Chinese characters inked on their skin. The digital book, "Hot Chinese Tattoo Designs", released in October of this year is set to change this poor state of affairs.

Jenny Lee, the book's author, says that she was inspired to write the book to help Westerners avoid mistakes. "As a native speaker I was distraught to see so many Westerners walking around with incorrect and frankly ugly Chinese character tattoos. I hope this book will help tattoo enthusiasts to select good-looking and accurate designs.", comments Lee.

The book contains authentic and genuine designs for Chinese tattoos in one place so now tattoo enthusiasts can be sure of making no mistakes and get hold of good-looking and accurate designs. But, says Lee, accuracy need not come at the price of elegance: "I chose the fonts used in the book carefully so that they really do bring out the best from the Chinese characters. There is nothing worse than seeing the equivalent of Times New Roman on a person."

Chinese tattoos have become ever more popular among celebrities as well as other tattoo enthusiasts across the world. Chinese character tattoos are more than merely words translated into another language – they often carry deeply meaningful connotations. A single character can have a whole story attached to it. This, however, is a double edged sword and real experts are a must if you are thinking about getting inked with Chinese symbols.

"Hot Chinese Tattoo Designs" contains more than 1100 unique designs across 300 pages, based on over 220 words and phrases. Each phrase or word comes in a number of fonts to suit different tastes. The book also includes the pronunciation of all the designs, so that you can impress your friends with your knowledge of your latest tattoo.

About is a website dedicated to helping tattoo enthusiasts to find out more about Chinese tattoos and their meanings. The ebook "Hot Chinese Tattoo Designs" is available for instant download from and contains accurate and beautiful character designs.

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