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Bucharest, Romania -- (SBWire) -- 11/06/2012 --Press releases are formal (or informal) business announcements that a company makes in an effort to share their services with others. A press release can be used in a video announcement from a company representative, news broadcast, or more well known, a written announcement distributed to media outlets making people aware of the news that they want to share as a company. What kinds of companies distribute and release press releases? What kinds of companies assimilate information to share and distribute among their readership? What kinds of companies position themselves to be recognized with consumers? The answer is simple: companies who want to grow.

The purpose of a press release for a company is to bring as much exposure as possible to the company and create an atmosphere where they possibly benefit greatly from the press release. The hope of the company in making the press release is that the information will be shared and distributed even beyond the formal first announcement that the company is making.

Press releases are written by companies to share information on the companies' progress. This might include changes in the company’s objectives, missions and directions and too act as a communications tool to keep the public aware of the company’s name. In many instances, press releases can increase a company’s sales numbers by sharing information with their customer base that is not yet public knowledge or that is readily available in other venues.

So what types and kinds of companies benefit significantly from press releases? More often than not, companies that have a product or service that is in demand by the general population are often those companies that benefit significantly from press releases. Take for instance the soft drink industry. The majority of the population consumes soft drinks on a regular basis. When one of the soft drink giants has news to share, they are most likely to be heard simply because of the nature of who they are. Some of the soft drink giant distributors have become a household name, thereby lending to the popularity of their product and the quicker acceptance of the news that they have to share via a press release. But what about the smaller companies or even the home-based business owner who does not have the following or funds that the bigger retail giants have?

Smaller companies and one-to-two person operated companies can also significantly benefit from the exposure that a press release can offer. The key is to keep in mind the company’s product or service and target the niche audience that it is intended for. For instance, companies that offer web design services, financial services, personal services or business development services can also benefit significantly from press releases. When a smaller company distributes a press release, they are bringing exposure to their company that would otherwise have not been available to them without that option. Through this marketing tool, they can potentially place themselves in direct competition (or at least acknowledgment) with the larger, more robust companies who simply rely on their market standing and simply use press releases as an insignificant tool.

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