Explains the Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 11/07/2012 --Heat is lost in the home through the roof, walls and windows. This is adding more and more to your heating bills as the boiler’s temperature needs to be upped for you to keep warm. In steps double glazing.

As winter rolls around we should all be thinking about making our home energy efficient, and with energy prices expected to rise over the next few months, retaining heat is all the more important.

For windows, this means investing in double or triple glazed windows. Not only will you retain heat, but you’ll reduce your heating bills and benefit from a range of other bonuses.

With a life expectancy over 20 years and a range of frame materials to choose from, you’ll have long-lasting protection from the ever-rising energy bills.

Double glazing window benefits

- Reduce your heating bills

Double glazing retains heat in the home and will cut your annual heating bills by up to £300 a year. This is achieved by two panes of glass separated by a motionless gas spacer, usually Argon. Heat can’t pass through the spacer, therefore being kept in the property. So you don’t have to turn up the temperature of your central heating to keep warm.

- Slash home carbon footprint

As you’re not relying on your boiler as much to keep warm, less heat is produced, cutting your carbon emissions. The Energy Saving Trust say annual carbon savings can reach 680kg, so you’ll be helping the environment and minimising global warming problems.

- Cut noise pollution

The same energy efficiency that retains heat in your home also keeps noise pollution out. This is fantastic for properties located near a busy main road or traffic works. Keep noise out and ensure your home benefits from peace and quiet throughout the year.

- Reduce condensation

With a warm inner pane there’s nowhere for moisture to settle, which will restrict your home’s condensation. Condensation can contribute to both window frame and curtain damage, so this reduction is great for minimising repair costs later down the line.

Frame materials

There are three major frame materials to choose from when selecting double glazed windows:
- uPVC

The UK’s most popular frame material is long-lasting, durable and can be coloured to resemble hardwood. On top of this it won’t rust, rot or warp, cutting maintenance.

- Wooden

Wooden frames are the most aesthetically pleasing of your choices and look great with traditional homes. It’s often the only option for properties in Conservation Areas.

- Aluminium

Aluminium is the most expensive option when it comes to double glazing, but this is countered by its strength and durability. Aluminium also brings a modern edge to your home’s appeal.

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