Companies Encouraged to Give Energy Efficiency the Green Light

St. Charles, IL -- (SBWire) -- 11/07/2012 --Green energy, energy efficiency and managing a carbon footprint are all issues that are increasingly affecting businesses as we become more conscious of our long term effects on the planet as a whole. Many businesses are intimidated by the potential consequences of not following environment legislation, but tax incentives and government policies have been enacted at local, state, and national level to encourage businesses to make the transition to cleaner, more efficient energy. Green Light is one of the leading providers of energy efficient solutions to businesses in the US, with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

Green Light is a retrofit lighting company that provides total energy solutions for company’s committed to energy efficiency, including energy saving lighting, environmental controls and building envelope efficiency plus insulation for warehouses, retail outlets, offices, municipal and industrial buildings, and educational institutions such as schools and colleges.

Their website offers comprehensive editorial content for those investigating the possibility of energy efficient lighting, with detailed case studies, information on rebates available and a savings calculator to give an estimated prediction of how much companies stand to save by converting. They also feature a news section which makes regular updates on legislation and environmental issues.

A spokesperson for Green Light explained that companies should be approaching this with a sense of urgency,

“Now is the best time to do an energy management project. Retrofit lighting rebates and tax incentives will never be higher than they are today, so by not taking advantage businesses risk being left behind. Not only do the rebates make it worthwhile as an investment, it's the fastest and most cost effective way to significantly decrease operating expenses, improving a company's bottom line at a time when many businesses are stretched and looking to make cut backs. The Section 179D of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) offers rebates based on lighting, environmental controls, and building envelope, with a potential refund of 60¢/square foot for each. It’s a no brainer.”

About Green Light
Green Light was created in 2009 with the idea that intelligent companies want intelligent solutions to their business needs. Green Light helps tenants and property owners reduce the operating expenses associated with energy consumption by taking advantage of the technological advances in efficient lighting, environmental controls, and building envelope efficiency while capitalizing on the financial savings incentives. For more information please visit:

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