Dollars and Common Sense: New Book Provides Layman's Guide to Practical Investments

With a special focus on overcoming the emotional reliance that holds most new investors back, one investment expert has released the ultimate guide to help anyone protect their assets and slowly grow their wealth.

Salinas, CA -- (SBWire) -- 11/08/2012 --When it comes to investing and wealth creation, most picture a confusing world that is riddled with huge losses. However, as financial expert Peter Andresen is proving, anyone who can read can easily manage an investment portfolio, avoid common mistakes and slowly grow their net worth.

His industry secrets are being shared with the world via a new book, ‘Dollars and Common Sense’. As a practical guide to making sensible investments, the book could be just the ticket that thousands have been seeking in order to exercise control over their money, while avoiding common pitfalls.

“The point is to demystify investing so that the average person can understand how to make intelligent investing decisions and overcome the mistakes most people make,” says Andresen, who has been running his own investment firm for the past twenty five years.

He continues, “The most important mistake being reliance on emotion, which often causes people to sell at the wrong times due to fear, as well as buying when their stock is popular and overvalued. The investing techniques taught in the book are very much conservative, but are proven to work.”

Topics include avoiding financial scams, creating a fear-free investment plan, getting the most out of an IRA, avoiding investment bubbles, surviving in a market meltdown, selecting mutual funds, steadily growing wealth and much more.

“I want my book to help people avoid such devastating losses, while at the same time slowly growing their wealth. Most books on investing are either full of unrealistic promises, or are so technical and dry that nobody can read and understand them. Right now most people don't know what to make of the economy, let alone how to invest in it correctly,” Andresen adds.

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of five-star reviews.

“The finest, most well-grounded on personal finance on the market,” says Grady Harp, reviewing the book for

Another reader, Angela Mangino, was equally as impressed. She wrote that, “Armed with all these tools, readers can move forward securing their financial future with knowledge, rather than the irrationality and fear that crowds out common sense”.

‘Dollars and Common Sense’, published by Timewalker Press, is available from Amazon:

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About the Author: Peter G. Andresen
Peter G. Andresen grew up in the town of Salinas, California, but spent much of his time on his family's ranch in the nearby Pacheco Pass. After finishing his last year of High School, he spent a year as a cowboy on his family 's property, ultimately deciding to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. After six years of adventure, Peter switched to reserve duty and started his education at U.C. Davis, where he earned two degrees, with his master's degree focusing on Agricultural Economics. Although he originally intended on using his degrees for professional land management, circumstances soon led to him managing the pensions of many local ranchers as a broker for E.F. Hutton. Peter, however, was soon disillusioned with the dishonesty involved in being a stockbroker, so in 1988 he opened the doors of his own Investment Firm, Andresen & Associates.

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