'Sara's Surviving Heart' - New Novel by LaTonya LaTrice Hits the Shelves

Introducing Sara’s Surviving Heart

Saint Louis, MO -- (SBWire) -- 11/08/2012 --Fictional writer LaTonya LaTrice takes a leap and adds her full time love of reality shows, talk shows, past and current news coverage from the beloved television and radio networks in the United States into each of her novels. Simulating a since of realness to each fictional story. The novels written by this new author; may be entertaining,but some readers may pick up an important message to make a positive change in their lives if negativity lies in their heart.

Introducing Sara’s Surviving Heart:

As anxiety and depression plays a major part in Sara Ann Ludd's life because of her corrupt boyfriend. Marking her life with verbal, physical, and sexual abuse for two years; Sara like all victims remains quiet and tries to change her abuser because of her love she thought she had for him. When her boyfriend finally crossed the line with his actions, Sara decides to make some new changes in her life. Her main goal... too get away; find help and support. Along the way, Sara discovers a new lover and a thrilling mystery of a little girl’s disappearance. This novel and other novels to follow... will have you in wonder; searching for answers.

To order the novel Sara’s Surviving Heart please visit website http://www.justfiction-edition.com enter ISBN# 978-3-8454-4816-9. You can also contact LaTonya LaTrice with comments at latonyalatrice@rocketmail.com or become Facebook and Twitter friend with LaTonya LaTrice. The sequel Discovering Jenny... will be hitting the shelves soon.

ISBN# 978-3-8454-4816-9
E-BOOK ISBN# 978-3-8454-4830-5

For more information, please visit: https://www.justfiction-edition.com/

About the Author: LaTonya LaTrice
Author LaTonya LaTrice has written privately for years only entering a few short stories and poetry contests. Sara’s surviving heart will be the first book published by LaTonya LaTrice. You can contact LaTonya LaTrice with comments at latonyalatrice@rocketmail.com or become Facebook and Twitter friends with LaTonya LaTrice.

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