Getting Divorced in Leopard Pajamas: A Memoir About Divorce and Other Stories

Having been left to fend for herself when her marriage fell apart, Susan Landau navigated divorce flying by the seat of her pants. With the process complete and a renewed lease of life, Ms. Landau is committed to helping other through her witty new memoir and guide.

Woodland Hills, CA -- (SBWire) -- 11/08/2012 --While 40% of U.S couples won’t stay married for good, navigating the twists and turns of divorce is seemingly harder than ever. Nobody knows this better than Susan Landau, a California-based author who was left in many a sticky situation while undergoing her own divorce process. Wanting to help other women avoid the same trials and tribulations, Ms. Landau has released an invaluable and enjoyable new book. She has a humorous flair in tackling the uncomfortable and exasperating aspects of a divorce.

‘Getting Divorced in Leopard Pajamas’ acts as both an autobiography of Landau’s own divorce and a handy guide for others. Described by critics and readers as the perfect ‘layman’s guide’, Ms. Landau explains every step and pitfall from her own perspective. Ms. Landau is a storyteller in this warm and anecdotal memoir.

“My story starts as an autobiographical account of what turned out to be a four and a half year divorce process. It was agonizing, starting out very amicably but quickly becoming ‘The War of the Roses’,” she explains.

Continuing, “I cover everything from breakup reasons and coping strategies, right through to the mystical world of divorce attorneys and a legal system that includes archaic terms. The latter inspired me to also include a handy glossary at the end of the book.”

Chapters include dealing with the new economic situation of being single, how to deal with future finances, how to handle the emotional wellbeing of children, coping with the knowledge that an ex-partner is now in a new relationship and some advice on your own post-divorce dating world.

While it provides rich, authoritative and invaluable information, Ms. Landau imparts her advice with wit and a whimsical attitude. This, as she explains, is in complete contrast to most other divorce guides.

Ms. Landau herself admits to “being very naïve and not at all financially savvy” before her separation. “When I was going through my divorce the only reading materials I could find were both very sterile and serious or downright sugar coated, including a book on a "spiritual" divorce. All I wanted was to read someone's honest account of exactly what they were going through and the feelings that were evoked, however negative or raw they might be,” she adds.

“This is sincere, real and hilarious writing and really has some life lessons I will take to the grave on break ups and being yourself again. Kudos to the author,” says D. Weinstein, who reviewed the book on

Another reader, Karen Mueller, was equally as impressed. She commented that, ‘Susan Landau has an enlightening way of giving women the information they need about a hard and often heartbreaking topic: divorce. Through her own personal experiences, she's able to share smart advice that can help women -- and men -- who are considering leaving their spouse, or who are already in the midst of a break-up. If you're looking for a friend, you'll find one in Susan.”

In short, the book will educate, inform and inspire all women who seek solace and need guidance to help get back on even footing.

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About the Author: Susan
Susan was born in Brooklyn, New York and relocated to Los Angeles at the age of 16. After graduating College she studied Psychology, graduating from UCLA’s Drug Abuse and Counseling Studies program.

Susan was married for ten years and has two sons.

She remains devoted to writing about women’s pivotal stages of life. With humor, of course.

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