Then and Now Treasures Is Now Available for Thrifty Shopping and Selling

Exeland, WI -- (SBWire) -- 11/12/2012 --For most people, saving up is one of the easiest things to do especially if you’re running out of money or your budget is not keeping up with you. For that matter, you might be familiar with thrift shops and how they are a far better choice whenever you have to get some items you need. Surely you are familiar with online shops right now and though thrift shops are something that may be hard to come by, Then and Now Treasures would be a good choice for an online thrift store to have.

Then and Now Treasures ( is an online thrift consignment store that gives you an opportunity to enjoy shopping, selling, and saving on items at prices the same as you will find on thrift stores. So what should you expect? Their online thrift store shopping offers you new and used clothing, accessories, household items, collectibles, entertainment, seasonal items and much, much more on quality brands for affordable prices. You don’t always have to be the buyer on thrift shops anyway. In fact, you may put up a small business of your own if you want and sell used items as well.

If you have a neighbor who loves emptying their house with items that they don’t need any more but can still be used, then you may ask them to donate or sell it to you on budget price and you in turn can use it or resell it yourself. The Then and Now Treasures thrift and consignment shops do offer many items from different categories and you can be one of their hundreds of resellers online. Why go too far if your home can provide you with a small business to start with?

A little bit worried on trying this business? Don’t worry, they offer you with structured shipment services so that you can quickly sell your product at low commission rates compared to other thrift shops that allow reselling. Because they also use Paypal for payment processing, then you can be rest assured that your money will be safe and you will be paid securely. Besides, you may also commend Then and Now Treasures for putting up Project Angels

About Then and Now Treasures, LLC
The project aims to help people who are in need of everyday products by offering free or discounted items to provide for those families who fell victim to fire, theft, flood, earthquakes or any other kind of natural disaster or hardship. The project is funded by donations from local businesses and the public as well who wants to help other people who have been less fortunate. That’s why if you would like to be part of their Project Angels program and help others who are in need, you may call Then and Now Treasures at 888-415-7947 so that you can schedule an appointment as well as get instructions on where and how to drop off your donations. Whether it is big or small, your donations will always be accepted as it can help small families to start anew.

So if you want to venture out into a business surely and securely and help people at the same time with the blessings that you have received, Then and Now Treasures would be something worth to try out. If you need more information about them, you may read the site’s About page <> or contact:

Lisa Lau
Resale Retail
Then and Now Treasures, LLC
823 N Elm Park Dr
Exeland, WI 54835

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