David Oglow Announces His Latest Book, the Natural Fat Loss Formula, Kindle Edition

Houston, TX -- (SBWire) -- 11/12/2012 --David Oglow, media contact and author is announcing today his latest book is out, The Natural Fat Loss Formula, which is exclusively for the Kindle.

Mr. Oglow was asked earlier why the book was developed. "So many people go on fad diets only to discover it actually slowed down the body's natural fat burning furnace so that losing weight becomes extremely difficult. However, when you approach losing weight with a Natural Fat Loss program, you get better overall results, which is the reason I wrote the book."

What can readers expect to find in your book? Mr. Oglow said, "There has been a lot of books written over the past several years that has literally scared people from eating certain foods due to the fat content of the food. However, many of these so-called 'bad foods' can actually help burn fat, which is the very reason so many diets fail since people are eating the wrong foods."

"I tried many fad diets only to be disappointed long term since any weight loss I did have was quickly gained back plus a little extra! What's worse is after age 30, it became almost impossible for me to lose any amount of fat, but it became easier to gain it! Unfortunately, this is typical since abusing the body with yo-yo dieting slows the metabolism and as people age, their metabolism naturally slows down, so it is a double whammy" said, Mr. Oglow.

You talk about in the book the 'why' behind being overweight, is this important? "Absolutely! I tried for years to figure out why I was putting on weight faster than anyone I knew. People assumed I must be sitting around eating all day but that was not the case with me. Eating before I lost the weight was not a pleasant experience because I had so many stomach issues such as cramping immediately following a meal. Obviously, this made enjoying food extremely difficult, not to mention embarrassing", said Mr. Oglow.

How would you describe your health and overall well-being today since you've followed this natural way to slim down? "I feel great and look great! I no longer have stomach cramping after eating and I do not suffer from depression like I did before losing the weight. Food is actually enjoyable to eat now! When I realized the simplicity of how this turned my life around, I wanted to share it with others because it is really simple, but it works", Mr. Oglow said.

About The Natural Fat Loss Formula
The Natural Fat Loss Formula is a book that was written by David Oglow who struggled with his own weight problems for years. He explains in the book how he lost 50 pounds of fat in just 5 months and he now enjoys a healthier life and looks great. He tells how he lost the fat in his book in a step-by-step format to make it easy to follow and grasp.

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